TradeXchange Review: Real-Time Trade Ideas and News?

Squawk, screech, squeal, shriek, scream, your TradeXchange Review is ready. You know what they say… if it squawks like news and if it walks like news, it’s probably news from the Squawk Audio real-time alerts of TradeXchange.

Is TradeXchange a Good Service? (Review Breakdown)

  • TradeXchange offers news the moment it goes public, and you receive it in a few formats. At the TX NewsDesk, news obtained from a variety of sources is streamlined for action-ability by TradeXchange. Then it’s delivered to you all in one place.

We’ve seen it played out over and over again. Traders stand by breathlessly, waiting for the latest earnings report or a speech from the Fed Chairman.

Then more often than not, significant market moves promptly follow these announcements. In fact, staying on top of the news is a vital aspect of stock trading.

And the sooner you get the news, the better. You can’t trade in the dark. Every trading platform worth its salt includes a news feed for this very reason.

Of course, information overload is the opposite end of the spectrum. You’ve got your bells-and-whistles platform with the monster news feed. But you’ve got tasks like backtesting and analytics to do.

You can’t spend all day sifting through the news. A streamlined solution is to sign up for a news service. One that keeps you up to date on the latest developments without bogging you down with too much.

News affects trading a lot. Hence the need for stock scanners as well as watch lists like a penny stocks list or bitcoin stocks. You want the stocks that run.

Hence the importance of finding news. Good news can make stocks fun. As a result, they can affect the stocks from our stock alerts.

TX Newsdesk

You receive real-time streaming news, including insider and company filings, unusual options activity, and smart filtered social media news. You also receive real-time economic data, macroeconomic news, geopolitical info, and technical analysis. Take our basic stock trading course.

Squawk Audio

Squawk Audio is real-time streaming audio alerts of the news that comes across your TX NewsDesk. It’s handy since it frees you up to do something else while listening to the news. So you can multi-task while receiving information about the markets like, for example, highlighted volatility alerts.It’s a good idea to utilize some type of audio feed while trading or you could miss some pretty important news events.

TX Calendar

The TX Calendar lists news-worthy upcoming events and announcements, like company earnings reports. You don’t need a subscription to view the calendar. You can see the calendar and book market it for easy reference.


The weekly calendar. Pretty sweet and simple color coded sections making it easy to follow week after week.

I like the calendar. It’s well-organized and color-coded without being messy. Therefore, it’s easy to zero in on what you want. If you need more details on any event, then click on the item.

A window will pop up with more information. The calendar also offers another option. For example, maybe you aren’t interested in every category on the calendar.

Maybe, you only want to view events associated with stocks. If so, then at the top, you’ll find color-coded tabs. One says “Stocks.” Click on it, and everything except stock-related events filters out of the calendar. Take a look at the top stock trading companies to add to your basket of knowledge.

Daily Analytics: TradeXchange Review

Markets may close, but they never really sleep. A lot happens after hours. Therefore, TradeXchange provides news that occurred pre- and post-market in an easy to digest format.

Check out our live trading room where we talk about the news real time and provide live commentary and mentoring on the markets.  Make sure to take our online trading courses so you know how to trade the news.

Morning Mash-Up

TradeXchange Review

Every day at 8:30 am EST subscribers receive the Morning Mash-Up. Having a summary of events and whats happening gets you ready for the trading day. At the top, you’ll find the Economic Calendar followed by the Fed speaker schedule. Knowing when those fed speakers are speaking is KEY.

Just watch how the market reacts to their comments to understand why.

A column features the Pre-Market Data on the Dow Jones, S&P500, and NASDAQ as well as Commodities, Currencies, and major market sectors.

The report also includes company-specific meetings, SEC filings, syndicate information, analyst activity, overnight press releases, and headlines.

To view a sample of a Morning Mash Up report check the image below. These reports are very handy and get right down to business with the most important data you need to know before you start your day.

What Are TradeXchange’s Fees for 2021? (Pricing Review Breakdown)

  1. Here are TradeXchange’s fees and pricing:
  2. Monthly: $44.95.
  3. Semi-Annual: $249.95/6-months.
  4. Annual: $449.95/year.

Market Wrap-Up

Every day at 5:00 pm EST, subscribers receive the Market Wrap-Up. It includes a post-market version of the type of information included in the Morning Mash-Up.

Additionally, it provides a daily recap, top gainers and losers, social media and desk chatter, and options activity.

To view a sample of a Market Wrap-Up report, go here. This link also takes you to a PDF file.

Mobile Access

TradeXchange offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android devices. Therefore, you can access your NewsDesk and Squawk Audio alerts from anywhere (watch us do stock trading live each day in our trading rooms).

Mobile Access

TradeXchange offers three subscription options for access to the TX NewsDesk and Squawk Audio alerts:

  • Monthly – Currently, the subscription costs $44.95 per month and includes everything that you get in the larger subscriptions.
  • Semi-Annual – This subscription costs $249.95 every six months and saves you $19.75 off the cost of renewing monthly.
  • Annual – The annual subscription costs $449.95 per year and saves you $89.45 off the price of renewing monthly.

TradeXchange membership includes Daily Market Analytics. However, you can get Daily Market Analytics as a stand-alone for $5.99 per month.

Additionally, at this time, TradeXchange offers a referral program. If you refer a friend, then your friend gets 20% off the first-month subscription, and you get $20 (take a look at a list of the best brokerage firms to use with your news scanner.

Final Thoughts: TradeXchange Review

Many of the stock market’s technical analyst do ignore the news. And I have met a few that do succeed without attention whatsoever to any type of news. Price action is all that matters to them.

However, if you study successful day traders and so called scalpers working for proprietary firms, you’ll find that most use the news and services like TradeXchange to substantiate their daily trading plans.

Some traders watch the news like a hock and others dismiss it as background noise. That’s one of the great advantages of trading in a community – like Bullish Bears.  You get exposure to all viewpoints, and typically become balanced at trading.

And while you won’t hear about Bullish Bears on CNN, finding out about it would be the best news of your day. Stock market trading isn’t easy. Come and join us in our trading room and learn from us live. We have two live streams daily, and we are always on top of stocks, futures, options, and everything in between.

Here at the Bullish Bears we’re jam packed with training, and you’ll get to know people who care for one another – and that’s just plain old fashioned Good News! Thanks for reading our tradexchange review and remember – your trades are in the history!

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