The Bullish Bears trading alerts service includes day trade alerts and swing stock alerts, which we post nightly.
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We call our trading alerts “setups” rather than traditional trade alerts and there are several reasons why, which you’ll read about below. People love our day trading alerts and swing trade alert “setups” because they save you many hours a week of work, scanning, charting and filtering!

We know what you might be asking. What is the whole “setup” part about?

We DO NOT tell you specifics on when to enter or exit any trades. We DO NOT call out trades via text or email because we are not stock pumpers!

It will become more clear as to why if you read the entire page below, which we highly encourage you to do.

Here’s the drill. We scan and filter out stocks, create daily watch lists, and then map out key support and resistance levels. We email these watch lists out daily, and also do watch list videos for our community showing you exactly how we build our lists.

Included in our watch lists, we send out alert levels as well. Alert levels are key areas that we are watching for a potential rejection, or for a potential continuation or breakout.

You may not know this yet, but the nature of stocks is very dynamic and psychological. Because of this, you NEED to be on your toes, and think fast.

Traders, and algorithmic computers are always looking at support and resistance levels and intraday price fluctuations will happen often at these zones. So, please don’t just BUY or SELL based on ANY alert levels that we send you. You need to know what you are doing first and that will take time if you're just getting started.

If you just randomly buy at an alert level, you will have mixed results. You need to look at the stocks that we have provided on our list, do your homework, and when they fire off, pull up a chart and make an intelligent trading decision.



Let’s dig in a little bit as to why you don’t want traditional types of trade alerts services, even if they are free. What we’re talking about here is the prototypical trade alert service that you pay for and you rely on the trading company or guru to call out trades to you. These types of penny stock alerts services are detrimental to a beginner traders success.

Trading rooms and alert services like these cost $150+ per month. We’ve seen some really high price tags for services out there.

A paid trade alert service is actually a huge waste of money, as well as being detrimental to your success as a trader! Just think about it for a moment…you’re waiting on a company or guru to call out trades to you, whether they are stock text alerts or trades sent by email. For starters, you’re relying on their technical or fundamental analysis. Not your own!

Day Trading Alerts and Trade Alerts and Penny Stock Alerts
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