The Bullish Bears trading alerts service includes day trade alerts and swing stock alerts, which we post nightly.
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We scan and filter out stocks, create daily watch lists, and then map out key support and resistance levels. We post our watch lists daily on our website before 9 pm est, and also do watch list videos for our community showing you exactly how we build our lists with alert levels.

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We call our trading alerts “setups” rather than traditional trade alerts and there are several reasons why, which you’ll read about below. People love our day trading alerts and swing trade alert “setups” because they save you many hours a week of work, scanning, charting and filtering! We know what you might be asking. What is the whole “setup” part about? Read More



Before we give you access to our swing trade alerts and day trading alerts, we wanted to dispel a lot of the misconceptions about our stock alerts right up front. We aren’t your traditional stock alerts or trade alert service. In fact we are very different type of trading service. And better. Why? We breakdown the key support and resistance levels for you and teach you how to become your own self-sufficient trader and not have to rely upon us to call out trades for you. 


What we’re about to tell you might come as a surprise since this isn’t talked about in the industry. Not to mention, it’s a hidden secret that's geared towards getting newbies money. All without a clue how detrimental it is to their trading success. It’s honestly quite shocking and it took us awhile to figure it out.

Then, one day we woke up and asked ourselves what the heck we were doing. Also, we were there too, quite a few times. It’s quite scary how we didn’t realize how bad a trade alerts service is to a trader’s success. Next we will get into why you don’t want to rely on other traders to call out trades to you.


You become a sheep that becomes reliant on the shepherd to control you when you wait for another trading company to call out trades to you. You aren’t in control and that’s the biggest problem because you must always be in control of every single trading decision that you make! Read More

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You have no clue at what moment that these trades are going to be called out with other trading companies. It doesn’t matter if they are day trading alerts, swing trade alerts, or options alerts.

The concept is still the same.You’re WAITING…the trade finally gets called out…and then the HERD rushes in! You’re a sheep in this situation waiting on your shepherd. Read More


After their herd follows them into the trade, it brings more volume into the stock, which then hits the stock scanners like Trade Ideas, thus bringing in other traders, which causes the stock to potentially rise further. Next, when you might least expect it, the company or guru sells their position and afterwards they call it out to their followers and the mass exodus begins. Just like everyone rushed to enter the door, they are all now heading for the exit at the same time. Not good! 

Thus the moment that a typical day trading alerts service calls out their sell orders to their herd, it now becomes a panic attack. And it creates a mass exodus of people exiting their positions trying to get their best fill, while hoping to at least be in the green and not lose money. Read More

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You’re going to have to spend hundreds of hours studying charts, patterns, technical analysis indicators and you’re going to need to make hundreds of practice trades before you’ll become a comfortable trader. Even if you do all of these things, the sad reality is that you’re still going to be battling the statistic of ending up in the 90% of traders that fail. We hate to sound negative, but we are all about telling the truth in the Bullish Bears community. No sugar coating here. Read More


You need to have you own trading plan on when to enter or exit any trades. In addition, our trading rooms will be a great resource for you to shadow other traders and practice how to get and out of trades. Our free  courses will give you the foundation that's needed to become a profitable trader.

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