If you’re looking for stock market trading coaching and a down to earth trading coach then look no further. The Bullish Bears team provides stock market coaching on topics such as day trading strategies, swing trading strategies, options techniques, and long-term trading strategies, exclusively in our membership based live trading rooms.

This means that we teach the mechanics, risk management, candlesticks, patterns, buy signals, sell signals, technical analysis and the psychology of trading.

We are not investors or licensed financial advisers and we do not seek to replace these people as they are specific professions and a completely different beast. That said, our goal as a trading coaches is to have you become an independent trader and ultimately be able to make trading decisions without the help of anyone else.



Our trade rooms are a safe place for you to study and learn from a lot of diverse traders. You will be able to see what members are saying live. Then practice charting and making paper trades real time. This will help you to get your timing down and help with controlling your emotions for when you trade with real money. When you move on to real money, practice making GOOD trades first, not good money. The money will come!

With our stock market trading coaching you will be more prepared and confident, in time. You’ll look back and reflect, then chuckle at what you thought you knew back then. We coach EVERY single day of the week in our trade rooms. No paywalls, no expensive coaching lessons on the side, no expensive courses to sell you. Just our trade rooms, and the markets!

We want to make sure that you have a solid foundation and the basics covered before you receive any trading coaching from us. We feel you can learn a TON just from being in our trade rooms and taking our free courses.

Please be advised that we are not professional investors or financial advisers. We are traders that use chart analysis and technical analysis to enter and exit trades. Please read our Disclaimer! 

Excellent group, they care a lot about the people in it

Richard C.

Their courses taught me so much! Thanks for all you do!

Angelica R.

Awesome group! Really know their stuff. Great at reading charts and are very classy guys 😎

Jeff W.
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