If you’re looking for stock market trading coaching and a down to earth trading coach then look no further. The Bullish Bears team provides stock market coaching on topics such as day trading strategies, swing trading strategies, options techniques, and long-term trading strategies, exclusively in our membership based live trading rooms.

This means that we teach the mechanics, risk management, candlesticks, patterns, buy signals, sell signals, technical analysis and the psychology of trading.

We are not investors or licensed financial advisers and we do not seek to replace these people as they are specific professions and a completely different beast. That said, our goal as a trading coaches is to have you become an independent trader and ultimately be able to make trading decisions without the help of anyone else.



Our trade rooms are unlike any other and our goal in creating them was for them to be a place for you to learn trading, charting and so much more.  Our trade room is full of helpful, like minded people. Nothing but good vibes and good people here.

Everyone makes an effort to help each other, even if the Bullish Bears Team happens to miss your comment or question. Please accept and acknowledge that it takes a lot of practice to become a good trader. That’s why it’s important to make at least a couple hundred trades in a virtual account before trading with real money in a live account. If you can’t make pretend money in a virtual trading account, its safe to assume you will not be able to make money with real money which is much harder. As a member of our trading rooms, take the time to learn, study, and adjust to the new environment. This is key to your success!

We also recommend these stock market books to help you get started. These books will be invaluable to you over the years.

Also, make sure to book mark our stock watch lists page. We update this page nightly with our daily and swing trade watch lists.

Please be advised that we are not professional investors or financial advisers. We are traders that use chart analysis and technical analysis to enter and exit trades. Please read our Disclaimer! 

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I'm not sure why people think trading is different from pursuing other careers,trades or entrepreneurial ideas. These all take dedication,... read more

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Lots of help for noobs and great new ideas flying around all the time in chat!

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Easy to learn about trading and how in detail what you need to know. Check them out you won't... read more

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