Looking for Trading Coaching and a Down to Earth Trading Coach?

The Bullish Bears team provides stock market coaching on topics such as day trading, swing trading, options, and long-term trading strategies, exclusively in our membership based live trading rooms.


We teach the mechanics, risk management, candlesticks, patterns, buy signals, sell signals, technical analysis and the psychology of trading live each day in our trade rooms and with our trading coaching.

We are not investors or licensed financial advisers and we do not seek to replace these people as they are specific professions and a completely different beast.

  • Day Trade, Swing Trade, Futures Trade Rooms
  • Live Streaming Daily
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Trade Alerts With Key Setups Posted Daily
  • Watch Lists Posted Daily
  • $3,000+ Worth of Free Stock Market Courses


Our trade rooms are a safe place for you to study and learn from a lot of diverse traders. You will be able to see what members are saying live. Then practice charting and making paper trades real time. This will help you to get your timing down and help with controlling your emotions for when you trade with real money. When you move on to real money, practice making GOOD trades first, not good money. The money will come! Read More

Trading Coaching
Trading Coaching


When you receive trading coaching, it takes time to get results. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Are you willing to work hard? It’s going to require some effort on your part.

There is a natural ability for trading that some possess and it does help them learn more quickly, however anything can be learned with enough patience and time! Your trading goals are achievable if your mind is open and passionate about learning this trade.


Our trade rooms are unlike any other and our goal in creating them was for them to be a place for you to learn trading, charting and so much more.  Our trade room is full of helpful, like minded people. Nothing but good vibes and good people here.

Everyone makes an effort to help each other, even if the Bullish Bears Team happens to miss your comment or question. Please accept and acknowledge that it takes a lot of practice to become a good trader. That’s why it’s important to make at least a couple hundred trades in a virtual account before trading with real money in a live account. Read More

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They here to help. Excellent info. I highly recommend.

Lenny S.

Love what these guys do, they are true blue, no BS. They are all about educating people and being honest... read more

Lisa T.

Great group. Admins do a great job keeping the posts positive keeping the community together. Tons of good information, and... read more

Chad J.
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