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A Stock Trading Discord is a software that allows large groups of traders to interact and form communities on Discord servers. Discord servers are chat rooms and voice chat channels closely linked under the larger server umbrella. Trading Discords specializes in day trading, swing trading, options, and futures.

Users who run a Discord server can open nearly unlimited chat rooms under that server to specify different topics or situations. For example, a sports Discord server would have a chat room for football, a chat room for basketball, a chat room for baseball, and so forth. But still, all fall under the larger umbrella of the sports Discord server. The same works for a Trading Discord.

A Trading Discord allows users to communicate through VoIP, instant messaging, video calls, voice calls, text messaging, and digital distribution regarding stocks, options, and futures. Think of it as an instant messaging platform on steroids to talk about the stock market!

Users can sift through unlimited numbers of Discord servers and chat rooms. All they have to do is subscribe to these servers to gain access through the app. Discord is compatible with nearly every device, including Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, and web browsers. 

Discord was founded back in 2012 by a gamer named Jason Citron. He found communicating with other team members difficult as they played online games like Apex Legends

While Discord began with its roots in online gaming, it has quickly become a popular app for communication for industries beyond video games. In fact, because of its real-time chat functionality and the ability to share vast amounts of data with so many users instantly, Discord has become a very popular platform for stock trading and investing. As of June 2020, Discord had over 100 million monthly active users. 

Bullish Bears Trading Discord

Trading Discord Popularity

Oh yes, many of them. Stock trading and investing have become two of Discord’s most utilized markets. And it is easy to see why. Users can be on a stock trading Discord server and follow the markets in real time. As well as discussing market moves, potential trades, or analyses with other users.

The instant messaging chat rooms on Discord servers are popular. It is so popular that many prominent investing Reddit subgroups have also set up shop on Discord. One of the most popular investing subreddits, r/StockMarket, has a massive Discord server with over 24,000 active members. 

Stock trading Discord servers also have the flexibility to separate their chats into multiple different threads. They can help users choose exactly which conversation they want to participate in.

A Discord server could have chat rooms for day trading, swing trading, penny stocks, or ETFs. You get the picture. Users can hop back and forth between these rooms and receive up-to-date notifications directly to their mobile device or desktop. 

Normal Chat Service?

And it is, in many ways—a well-organized chat service with near-endless customizations and real-time digital data transfers. The integrated voice and video chat channels are cool, too. You can live-stream yourself to interact with other users, which is why it is so popular in the gaming industry.

Rather than traditional chat services that revolve around a user’s contact list, Discord aims to have chat rooms and servers as the foundation of the service. And not limiting a user to just the people they know.

This allows users to meet new people easily and create a communal feel rather than spending time in one specific chat room. 

Can I Invest in Discord?

Not yet, but maybe soon! For the most part, Discord is a free service and software. There is one subscription model for premium members, however. However, most Discord users are just using it at no charge. Discord has raised several rounds of investments from some big names, including WarnerMedia.

An initial round of capital raising valued the company at nearly $2 billion and included early investors like Greenoaks Capital, Firstmark, and Chinese mega-conglomerate Tencent. Recently, another round of investing valued Discord at $7 billion. Greenoaks Capital once again led it. As a result, don’t be surprised if many of the same players from the initial round are involved again.

Many industry insiders called this latest round a “pre-IPO round.” So, we could see the Discord stock trading on the public markets sooner than we thought. 

Trading Rooms Stock Signals and Trading Alerts Stock Watch Lists
DESCRIPTION Bullish Bears offer trade rooms in our Discord. Our chat rooms include penny stocks, large caps, options, and futures We offer stock signals and trade alerts through our watch lists and Discord bots using Tradytics Swing trade and day trade watch lists with hand-picked symbols that have the best chance of breakouts. These are stocks to watch

Is Discord Better than FinTwit?

Discord differs from popular investing news platforms like FinTwit, StockTwits, and Reddit. They operate more as a chat service rather than a news feed. While all of these platforms can be used to monitor market activity and investor sentiment, they need to truly give the ability to chat with thousands of other investors in real time as the market ebbs and flows. Add in the direct voice and video channels, and you truly see the power behind Discord as a stock trading platform.

Unethical Day Trading Discord Rooms

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for those who can take advantage, these investing chat rooms like Discord can be subject to dishonest and unethical investors—ones who pump up certain stock prices and dump them for fast profits. With so many people in these Discord servers, the potential for large momentum swings on penny stocks caused by a mob mentality can easily be manipulated by those who wish to. 

Luckily, for the most part, Discord users are all on equal footing. And these server chat rooms feel more like organic communities. Communities where investors try to help one another rather than take advantage.

Stock Discord trading groups have become popular during the pandemic. Many people have been stuck inside their homes and turned to the stock market as entertainment. And a way to make money. Think Dave Portnoy. Discord servers help with investing tips and research and provide some human contact, which has been missing from many of our lives over the past few years. 

Trading Discord Account

Creating a Discord Username

Discord does require you to create an account and a username under which you’ll participate on any server on the site. From there, you’re free to join any Discord server you can.

You can freely use the site if you abide by Discord’s terms and conditions. Discord has received critical acclaim for its ease of use and user-friendly interface from such publications as PC Gamer and Lifehacker.

Discord is another tool investors use in this new age of internet stock trading. While investing used to be personal and private, many investors enjoy the community aspect and camaraderie that comes with these stock trading groups. 

Bullish Bears Trading Discord

The Bullish Bears team offers a live stock trading Discord server with day trading, swing trading, options, futures chatrooms, and voice channels. 

This is where the action takes place every day within our community. Our Discord is a great place to interact with other traders worldwide. Our moderators and team are a very helpful bunch, so feel free to come in and ask questions.

We also have daily live streams, so you’ll get real-world trading experience. We also include our courses with your trading Discord membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Traders cannot place actual trades on Discord, but they can have trading communities where investors can collaborate and talk about trade ideas.

It's simple enough. You must download the Discord app for Windows, Apple, or Android desktops. Then, you can just search the Discord servers for stock trading groups. Alternatively, many Discord admins will post the direct link to join their Discord server. That way, users can join with the click of a button. Often, users must verify themselves and read the rules and regulations for that particular Discord server. This happens before being able to access the chat rooms. 

Traders use some legal trading bots to place trades and for algorithmic scanning. They can be risky if not used properly.

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