Trading live streaming is very important if you want to become a successful trader. The Bullish Bears team does real-time charting, mentoring, and training on our daily live streams. We also have a fun "pay it forward" community of traders that's very welcoming and loves helping out other community members.


​Trading can be a lonely place. Sitting alone in front of your computer day in and day out for hours. Many times we wish we had someone to talk to and run setups by. That's where trading live streams can make a world of difference. 

In fact, not only is it helpful; it's a great tool in your trading arsenal. Many times we think of trading tools like technical analysis, candlesticks and patterns and yes that's necessary. However, many times we don't include something as helpful as a live stream when we think of trading tools. 

Although not all live streams provide sound teaching. That's where the Bullish Bears are different. What we offer is a lot like our stock market courses being taught in real time. However, that doesn't mean you can watch the live stream a couple times and be a great trader. What it does do is show you how to implement the trading strategies that we teach you in our courses. Becoming a great trader takes time.

Our trading live streams are browser based and have a mobile app. We have one room for streaming and chatting. As a result, only one screen is needed. We can even have multiple streamers on at once. You'll hear a couple people adding content and teaching so you're getting great information from diverse traders. 






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Just wanted to say how much I enjoy being a member of Bullish Bears. Tim, Dan and Lucien are... read more

Michael T.

Love the website, loaded with great info. Also, glad Lucien is feeling better, so he can do his daily stock picks.

James C.

Never done a rewiew before. This is an excellent example of good people interested in doing the right thing. Great... read more

James W.
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