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Trading Live Streaming Daily

Trading live streaming is very important if you want to become a successful trader. The Bullish Bears team does real-time charting, mentoring, and training on our daily live streams.

We also have a fun "pay it forward" community of traders that's very welcoming and loves helping out other community members. Try us out free for 14 days.

  • Trading Live Streaming Daily
  • Day Trade & Swing Trade Rooms
  • Real-Time Mentoring, Coaching & Training
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  • Free Stock Market Courses ($3,000+ Value) 
Trading Live


Trading can be a lonely place. Sitting alone in front of your computer day in and day out for hours. Many times we wish we had someone to talk to and run setups by. That's where trading live streams can make a world of difference. In fact, not only is it helpful; it's a great tool in your trading arsenal, as well as the free online trading courses that we offer. Many times we think of trading tools like technical analysis, candlesticks and patterns and yes that's necessary. However, many times we don't include something as helpful as a live stream when we think of trading tools. Read More

Trading Rooms

If you work or you're somewhere where you're not able to have our stream up on a computer, there's an app for that in our stock trading service. In a world where we pretty much use our phones for everything, this is a great feature. It allows you to be mobile while still having access to the trading live streams. The app needs to be synced with the trade room (it's simple) just once and you're good to go. Read More

Trading Live
Free Stock Market Courses

Trading Live Mentoring & Coaching

Being new to trading can be scary. You want to have the ability for mentoring as well as coaching. We approach that in what might be a different manner than other trading services. In fact, our trading live streams are jam packed with content. Try our trading community free for 14 days.

Once we start, we're non-stop teaching for 2+ hours. We differ from other trading lives streams because we're not pumpers. We don't call out entries and exits. Many times that's what new traders are looking for. They want someone to tell them when to get in and out of trades. We've learned, from experience, that this method is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself. We teach you how to trade the right way. Read More


New traders have to be willing to put in the time and the effort to learn. There are no shortcuts when learning stock trading. That means taking the time to go through each of our stock market courses. These are courses that we wished we had access to when we started out.

We put it all out there and we realize that many people can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to trade. We know that because we've been there. Read More

Trading Live
  • Shirley C. AvatarShirley C.

    So much useful information! I look at it every day.

  • David S. AvatarDavid S.

    I’ve been following Bullish Bears for about a year. Began w/ the daily watch list on YouTube and now on StockTwits. These guys are true professionals.

  • James C. AvatarJames C.

    Love the website, loaded with great info. Also, glad Lucien is feeling better, so he can do his daily stock picks.

  • Sonny N. AvatarSonny N.

    The Best educational community out there

  • Tom A. AvatarTom A.

    Easy to understand videos

  • Madhusudhan V. AvatarMadhusudhan V.

    I really love these Bullish Bears team they are really good people who educates the most and save you to avoid the traps, I am new to trade and really learning a lot they are really really helpful .

    Thank you very much BB team love you all.

  • Joe L. AvatarJoe L.

    Best online resource I have found. I've purchased other popular traders courses and had no full understanding of what I was doing. Bullish Bears content is structured, packaged nicely, and their content suits my learning style.

  • John P. AvatarJohn P.

    This is the real deal; no hype, no get-rich-quick rich schemes, just solid advice and training from the pros.