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Trading live streaming is very important if you want to become a successful trader. The Bullish Bears team does real-time charting, mentoring, and training on our daily live streams. We also have a fun "pay it forward" community of traders that's very welcoming and loves helping out other community members.


Trading can be a lonely place. Sitting alone in front of your computer day in and day out for hours. Many times we wish we had someone to talk to and run setups by. That's where trading live streams can make a world of difference. 

In fact, not only is it helpful; it's a great tool in your trading arsenal. Many times we think of trading tools like technical analysis, candlesticks and patterns and yes that's necessary. However, many times we don't include something as helpful as a live stream when we think of trading tools. 

Although not all live streams provide sound teaching. That's where the Bullish Bears are different. What we offer is a lot like our stock market courses being taught in real time. However, that doesn't mean you can watch the live stream a couple times and be a great trader. What it does do is show you how to implement the trading strategies that we teach you in our courses. Becoming a great trader takes time.

Our trading live streams are browser based and have a mobile app. We have one room for streaming and chatting. As a result, only one screen is needed. We can even have multiple streamers on at once. You'll hear a couple people adding content and teaching so you're getting great information from diverse traders.


If you work or you're somewhere where you're not able to have our stream up on a computer, there's an app for that in our trading service. In a world where we pretty much use our phones for everything, this is a great feature. It allows you to be mobile while still having access to the trading live streams. The app needs to be synced with the trade room (it's simple) just once and you're good to go.

As a result, you'll have 2+ hours of stock market teaching at your fingertips five days a week. One of the great aspects of having the chat and live streams combined is the ability to see us interact with our members and watch our members interact with each other well as us.

It provides a lot of insight on what our stock market trading community is about as traders, the different styles and how it all works together. Having that camaraderie is something you didn't realize you were missing when you trade. 


How many times as traders, new and seasoned, have you seen something and wished you had someone available to ask for confirmation? Now you can! Our trading live streams have real time charting. As a result, you have an inside look at the psychology behind our trades.   

The stock market is a tug of war between buyers and sellers and we all get caught up in that. Our battle turns into candlesticks and patterns. Sometimes patterns don't do what we think they're going to. Our trading live streams are here to walk you through those battles.

We take a look at the stocks that are popping up on our stock scanners as well as member requests. We encourage participation from our community members as well. In fact, we love it when they ask questions, give opinions and ideas. It makes us and everyone around us better. 


We're big on support and resistance in our trading live streams. As a result, our real time charting shows us mapping out support and resistance a lot of the time. Support and resistance is one of the most important aspects of trading you can learn and use. It's great for buy and sell signals as well as profit potential.

We also show day trading options, low float small cap stocks as well as the higher priced stocks and futures. There's a little something for everyone. Options are a whole different animal. As a result, being able to watch what we look for in day trading options becomes essential to trying option strategies of any kind.


Being new to trading can be scary. You want to have the ability for mentoring as well as coaching. We approach that in what might be a different manner than other trading services. In fact, our trading live streams are jam packed with content. 

Once we start, we're non-stop teaching for 2+ hours. We differ from other trading lives streams because we're not pumpers. We don't call out entries and exits. Many times that's what new traders are looking for. They want someone to tell them when to get in and out of trades. We've learned, from experience, that this method is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself. 

Most streams are pumping and dumping. The "guru" gets their position, calls it out to their members, watches as price rises because members are rushing in, then sells. Once they've sold they call out a sell to their members. Those members are then scrambling to get out of their trade.

Those "gurus" then talk about all the money they've made and their members are in awe. They just took a loss but their mentor made a big profit. Unfortunately, that's the reality of trading and it's a reality not many people talk about. Again, we've learned this from experience. We didn't like what we found in the industry and why we strive to be different.


When you join our live streams you're not having stocks pumped to you then dumped. Instead, you're being taught. You get real time access to support and resistance, candlesticks and patterns, technical analysis and real time charts. 

Many times live streams and trading rooms are an additional cost on top of everything else. Then when you get in there the majority of the session is spent in silence. There's the occasional "looking at stock XYZ" or "in stock ABC" "out stock ABC". There's never any reason given as to why.

Stock trading is more than following someone in and out of trades. It's emotional, it's hard, it's rewarding. That's why we work hard at spending a couple hours each morning teaching, sharing and helping our members.


New traders have to be willing to put in the time and the effort to learn. There are no shortcuts when learning stock trading. That means taking the time to go through each of our stock market courses. These are courses that we wished we had access to when we started out.

We put it all out there and we realize that many people can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to trade. We know that because we've been there.

However, we're a stock training service that requires you to put in the work. It's an investment in yourself and your future. When you learn stock trading you're learning a valuable skill. It's something that you can rely on no matter what the economy or market is doing. There's a strategy to make money in an market.

Those are the things you learn when you take our courses. You're learning how to trade and you're saving thousands of dollars. Just think about it, the money you're saving could be used to invest in yourself and your future. Everything you learn within these courses are confirmed in our trading live streams. We trade what we teach. We also share our stock scanners each day.


Once you've taken our courses, open a virtual trading account. TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim has a great simulated trading platform. We can't stress enough the importance of trading in a practice account before going live. That's a mistake many new traders make. They want to jump right in. 

However, practicing before going live is going to save you. Did you know 90% of traders fail? Yes, that's a huge number but don't let that scare you. They fail because they're not taught or they don't want to take the time to learn. We're not going to sugar coat it.

Trading is hard but if you're willing to put in the time and the effort then you're going to be in a much better place. Even the best traders fail 30-40% of the time. Once you realize that, you don't have to be afraid of failing. 

Having a simulated account allows you to make hundreds of practice trades. There you can work on keeping your emotions in check and on strategy. Couple that with our trading live streams and you have a safe place to learn and interact. Our live streams aren't just for the pros.

In fact, our streams thrive off the interaction of our members. We want the questions from new traders. How else are you going to learn? The good news is, we're not charging you an arm and a leg to be a member. Therefore, you have the ability to take as much time as you need.

Our trading live streams are a tool for you to use to better your trading. You have everything you need to begin you journey of becoming a great trader.

Bullish Bears Community

Great community, the guys that run it continually inform everyone on technicals, and post charts to help inform and protect... read more

Matthew B.

Great group of guys with a good foundation of information.

Hoang D.

Amazing team, training and support. Thanks guys for all your hard work and help!

Kate D.
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