Trading rooms are a staple of any good trading service. In fact, a trade room should inspire mentoring and learning. As a result, the Bullish Bears have worked on building three trade rooms that strive to mentor, teach and help new and seasoned traders alike. ​Therefore, we like to think of our trading community as the "pay it forward" movement within the stock market.

  • Live Day Trade Room With Daily Streaming
  • Live Swing Trade and Options Trading Room
  • Futures Trading Room
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training 
  • Trade Alerts & Watch Lists Posted Daily


Trading can be a lonely vocation. You're sitting in front of a computer for hours and watching charts for potential setups. Sometimes being alone in the quiet can feel overwhelming and drive you a little crazy. That's where trading rooms and having a community of support can make a huge difference in how you trade.

Have you ever been sitting at your trading station wishing you had someone to run a setup or a stock by? Read More

Trading Rooms
Trade Rooms


We have traders with many different trading styles in our trading rooms. As a result, we have moderators that work at showing you strategies from stock trading, day trading options to penny stocks and everything in between.

In our trade rooms we do coaching, mentoring and charting in real time. As a result, our trading rooms live stream run for a couple hours each morning and stream right in our day trade room. In fact, when we're done however, the teaching continues as members help each other out throughout the day. Read More


A trading room can provide community you didn't know you needed. In fact, we've discovered that community can be just as great a stock training tool as anything in helping you trade. ​Therefore, we make sure there aren't any spammers, pumpers or trolls. We want to provide a safe place for our members to have discussions and get questions answered in a kind, helpful way. Not only does our trading rooms fulfill this but so does our Facebook community. As a result, whether you're in our Facebook community or rooms, you know that we've got your back. Make sure to take our free stock trading courses if you need help getting started. Read More

Trade Rooms
Trading Rooms


Stock watch lists and stock alerts are updated each night for our members and we trade them live in our trading rooms. These are stocks that we talk about in our trade rooms the following day accompanied by stocks we find on our stock scanners.

However, our trade alerts are quite different from other trading services. We don't call out buy and sell signals. Instead, support and resistance are mapped out and patterns are found. The alerts are levels to pay close attention to. In fact, they also match our watch lists for the following day. 


Our trading rooms are where the action takes place each morning. Since we stream right in our rooms, we have not only the chat going but also a screen share of our charts.  

We look at a lot of low float penny stocks as well as the smaller cap stocks. That means there is volatility and those moves can happen within seconds. However, these trades aren't for the faint of heart. Another reason why a trading room can be a great tool in your arsenal as well as make you feel less alone. Read More

stock market training
trade rooms


Our swing trade chat room is another room full of diverse trading strategies that also focuses on stocks and options. However, these are longer term plays. Swing trading allows for different holding strategies.

It's also a way to bypass the PDT rule by holding overnight. We have people in the swing trading room discussing different long term plays as well as strategies. For example, options spreads, iron condors and naked calls and puts. Read More


Futures trading is a whole different animal when it comes to trading. However, it's a great strategy to make money. Our futures room is run by our admin Rose. She's spent hours perfecting strategies and methods to trade futures. As a result, she streams several times per week and chats for hours each day. Entries and exits are mapped out in advance and alerts given. We are an anti-pumping community. That's why futures trading is different from stocks and why we love it. You can't pump futures. Read More

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