The Bullish Bears are a pay it forward stock trading service company and community that shines a powerful light on the stock market. Trade, have fun, give back.

  • Ian L. AvatarIan L.

    Great group of folks who really care about your education and journey. Highly recommend them. Their free courses are very valuable to your trader education.

  • Joe L. AvatarJoe L.

    Best online resource I have found. I've purchased other popular traders courses and had no full understanding of what I was doing. Bullish Bears content is structured, packaged nicely, and their content suits my learning style.

  • Tom A. AvatarTom A.

    Easy to understand videos

  • Alex S. AvatarAlex S.

    Honest and truly education. Enough staff to cater to all types

  • Joshua E. AvatarJoshua E.

    I'm just starting out and I have to say you guys are my #1 source for beginning my education. There's so much information on your website and I'm finding it very easy to navigate and to understand. Thank you so much!

  • Carlos C. AvatarCarlos C.

    To get Great information about stocks ...... Really great information and knowledge. Watch a lot of there videos and they are the real deal.

  • Joseph S. AvatarJoseph S.

    Great community! Very helpful and informative.

  • Billy B. AvatarBilly B.

    Great learning space, amazing info, and awesome watchlists!!

Pay it Forward Trading Service

Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard are the founders of the Bullish Bears community trading service. In fact, we have a passion for trading, a desire to help people succeed as traders with a level playing field, and a love for our community.

From the very start, our mission was to create a stock market trading community that had a "pay it forward" mentality to it. As a result, we all help each other to become better traders and along the journey helps us to become better people by helping others to succeed. If you're looking for genuine trading education, this is your home. Try our community out free for 14 days below.

  • Day Trade & Swing Trade Rooms
  • Live Streaming Daily
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Trade Alerts With Key Setups Posted Daily
  • Watch Lists Posted Daily
  • $3,000+ Worth of Free Stock Market Courses

Stock Trading Service

The stock market can be a very lonely place if your only focus is to make money and you don't have much interaction with other like-minded people. As a result, our community includes both trade rooms as well as our Facebook group.

There are also those lone wolfs who prefer to trade along, and those people come here to learn and do their own thing too 🙂 Therefore, our stock trading service and community is a great place to learn and and get the opportunity to chat with other traders from around the world. In fact, we have a "social club" feel to it. As a result, feel free to ask questions, share charts, trade ideas etc. Read More

Trading Service
Trading Service

False Lifestyle

Hope is Real within our trading community. As a result, we aren't like other stock trading services that you'll see out there. In fact, you know them...the one's selling you a false traders lifestyle about how easy it is to get rich in the stock market.

You've probably seen them all over YouTube in their fancy private jets, driving Maserati's, and hanging in Bali. We have no ill will towards these trading services. However, we're just different; that's all. Some people like promoting fancy things. However, that's just not our style though. In fact, we'd much rather help you, not pump ourselves up.

Free Stock Market Courses

What Are Stock Trading Services?

  1. Provide services to help you learn stock trading
  2. Get access to day trading & swing trading rooms
  3. Receive stock watch lists and trade alerts
  4. Gain access to trading courses
  5. Live streaming of the markets daily

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trading services

What is the Best Stock Trading Website for Beginners?

  1. TD Ameritrade
  2. Charles Schwab
  3. E-Trade
  4. Interactive Brokers
  5. Fidelity

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Free Courses in Our Trading Service

The Bullish Bears offers several thousand dollars of free stock market courses in our trading service. Therefore, you're going to quickly see that money isn't our priority. In fact, we want to make how to learn stock trading as affordable as possible. As a result, we save you a lot of money getting started with our courses. Register for free & take our courses.

Just because they are free doesn't mean that the content isn't valuable. In fact, there are countless hours of video tutorials on stock training topics. As a result, treat trading like you would an education or starting a new career. Take it seriously and invest in yourself. takes time to become a good trader, just like anything else in life worth striving for. Read More