The Bullish Bears are an educational trading service, and community focused on teaching you how to become an independent trader. Our community offers courses, trade rooms, Discord, and daily live streaming. Our trade rooms are the best place to take what you learn in our courses and see how it comes to life in the real world of trading.

Discord is the central hub of our trading community. In our trade rooms, we teach penny stocks, large caps, options, and futures. You can participate with other members via chat or voice. They are a great place to learn, ask questions, and interact with other traders worldwide. Also, you can practice paper trading, which you see us teach on our live streams each day. We want to be clear that everything we offer is meant to teach and help you become your own trader without ever having to rely on us to tell you when to buy and sell. 

  • Penny Stocks, Options, & Futures
  • Live Streaming Daily
  • Live Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Trading Courses
  • Watch Lists

Types of Trading Services

Stock Trading Community

Noninstitutional stock trading services, also known as trading communities, are geared toward teaching people how to trade on a more personalized level. A single person or groups of people could run these companies. These trading services offer benefits such as trade rooms, Discords, live streaming, watch lists, alert signals, and courses. They teach you the skills necessary how to become an independent trader. The right company will focus on teaching you, not pumping up their brokerage accounts or making the focus on them.

This is why the Bullish Bears are different. We invest the time to teach you how to trade and do it independently from us. Our community has a social club feel to it. There’s no obligation to participate if you’d don’t feel like it. We are a very welcoming crew. So, feel free to ask questions, share charts, and trade ideas, whenever you feel comfortable.

Institutional Trading Services

There are two major types of trading services, which are institutional and trading communities. Institutional stock trading services are platforms or services that allow individuals to buy and sell stocks and other securities online. These services typically provide tools and resources for research, analysis, and trade execution, as well as access to various markets and financial instruments. Some stock trading services may offer additional features, such as educational resources, market news and analysis, and portfolio management tools.

Many stock trading services operate as brokerages, which means they facilitate the buying and selling of securities on behalf of their clients and may charge a fee for their services. Financial institutions or online marketplaces may provide other stock trading services and offer different pricing and service models. Some may be available to individual investors, while others may be geared toward professional traders or institutional investors.

These trading services are geared towards helping traders on a macro level. They need more time and resources to teach traders how to trade on a micro level; this is where trading communities come in. 

Other Trading Services

There are a lot of gurus and trading companies in the industry, which can make things confusing for new traders. So, how do you choose the best stock trading service company?

Look at their company reviews online. One of the best ways to see if a trading service company is legit is to read reviews their members have written online.

Everyone knows that when someone isn’t happy nowadays, they aren’t afraid to express their opinions. So, if a trading company isn’t good, then chances are there will be negative reviews written about them somewhere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a company is good because many satisfied people might not be inclined to write a review.

Are the Bullish Bears the best stock trading service in the industry? That’s up to you to decide. We do have a lot of great reviews of us online. Check out Bullish Bears Reviews to see how our members rate us.

Trade Rooms

Trade rooms are where the action takes place each day in most trading services. Many companies offer penny stocks, options, swing trading, and futures trade rooms. They are very popular trading services and usually happen in Discord or some type of chat service. They’re helpful to traders as they learn how to trade the markets in real-time. They can be a great place to learn and interact with other like-minded traders.

It’s important to be cautious of pump-and-dump chat rooms. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trading services out there that are known for pumping and dumping stocks to their members. Stock pumpers take advantage of their trade room members, whether they want to admit it. If you’ve ever lost in a trade following a guru…you get what I’m saying.

Stock Trading Service

Bullish Bears

We don’t pump stocks to other community members to inflate our brokerage accounts and don’t allow any of that type of activity to occur within our community and trading service. When we trade, we don’t take crazy large positions. Therefore, we’re not using our community members to pump up the stock, so we make more money. Our trade rooms are a lot of fun, and we have that pay-it-forward mentality of helping each other out.

Live streaming is where you can watch other traders teach how a specific trading strategy works real time. The importance of being able to look over experienced traders’ shoulders is an invaluable service, especially if you’re new to trading. The world of trading can seem overwhelming and fast-paced at first. Don’t worry; it gets; easier. Therefore, it takes most traders several months, if not one year+, to become comfortable. However, don’t worry if it takes a bit of a learning curve. That’s normal. Everyone is different, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Live streaming is one of the most valuable stock trading services we offer to our community members because we teach real-time charting, answer questions, and show how to trade. 

We live stream each morning for a couple of hours and, at times, throughout the day. You can watch and hear us live and, at the same chat with other community members in the trade rooms.

You can look over our shoulders as we chart stocks in real-time, answer your questions, and see when we trade at times. Please do not follow any of our trades unless you are fully comfortable with the risks of being a trader. Again, we’re not like other stock-pumping trading companies you see. 

Becoming a comfortable trader takes time. It takes many new traders at least six months to a year to feel comfortable trading. That’s why we say not to rush the learning curve that comes with a trader. Treat trading like you would a career or profession. Invest in yourself and study. We suggest studying for 1-2 hours every day for several months until you feel comfortable. Again, we’ve given our members a lot of resources to help them get started. Take our free courses above.

Open a paper trading account with a company like TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers and practice making several hundred trades before trading with real money in your brokerage account. 

The education and training we offer our community members are unprecedented in the industry. We’ve only tapped the surface of all that we offer and will continue to offer to our community members. Register for a free account and start taking our trading courses.

We Teach You

We encourage our members to come into our trade rooms, ask questions, have fun, and practice when they learn in a virtual account for a few months making at least a couple of hundred practice trades before trading with real money. It takes some time to become a comfortable trader, so give yourself the time you deserve and don’t rush the process.

Stock Trading Service