The Bullish Bears are a pay it forward stock trading service company and community that shines a powerful light on the stock market. Trade, have fun, give back.

Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard are the founders of the Bullish Bears community and trading service. We have a passion for trading, a desire to help people succeed as traders with a level playing field, and a love for our community.

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Trade Rooms

Our live trading rooms include daily streaming, chat, real-time mentoring, twice a day webinars and trading

Real-Time Alerts

The Bullish Bears stock alerts service offers real time, actionable trades, which include entries and exits

Free Courses

Learn day trading strategies, options trading, swing trading, futures trading, and many other trading strategies


We record our live streams everyday and have replays available for yearly members

Alert Signals

Signals posted nightly with our watch lists and they target key breakout areas and detailed notes included

Next Level Training

This exclusive membership is for serious traders that are looking to take their trading to the “Next Level”

Pay it Forward Stock Trading Service

From the very start, our mission was to create a stock market trading community that had a “pay it forward” mentality to it. As a result, we all help each other to become better traders and along the journey helps us to become better people by helping others to succeed. If you’re looking for genuine trading education, this is your home. Try our community out free for below.

  • Day Trade & Swing Trade Rooms
  • Futures Room
  • Live Streaming Daily
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Trade Alerts With Key Setups Posted Daily
  • $3,000+ Worth of Free Trading Courses

The Focus Is On You In Our Stock Trading Service

Stock Trading Service

The stock market can be a very lonely place if your only focus is to make money and you don’t have much interaction with other like-minded people. As a result, our community includes both trade rooms as well as our Facebook group.

There are also those lone wolfs who prefer to trade along, and those people come here to learn and do their own thing too. Therefore, our stock trading service and community is a great place to learn and and get the opportunity to chat with other traders from around the world. In fact, we have a “social club” feel to it. As a result, feel free to ask questions, share charts, trade ideas etc.


We aren’t a pump and dump community. In other words, we don’t pump stocks to other community members in order to inflate our personal brokerage accounts.

In fact, we don’t allow any of that type of activity to occur within our community and trading service company. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trading services out there that are known for pumping and dumping to their members in order to make themselves look like “brokerage account heroes”. We are not like this in our trade rooms. If you’re looking for that, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.


If you want to learn HOW TO TRADE than…You are in the right spot. Our number one focus is YOU! In fact, you are what matters to us, not the money. Do we like money? Of course, who doesn’t? However, the money is just a means to an end though, not our priority.

We love helping our members learn how to trade stocks. We could trade alone or do something else…but this is what we love to do. 

As a result, you’ll always see our trading service company striving to continuously give back to our community members, without holding back critical trading knowledge or charging an arm and a leg to receive it.

Gold Nuggets

We also have an entire “Next Level” training library that gives you the “golden nugget” strategies to trading. This information would cost you a lot of money with other trading services. We hold nothing back in this video library. It includes training on day trading, swing trading, options trading, how to trade candlesticks, and we give you the scanner settings that we use when trading.

You could take all of our data and knowledge and never come back to our site after you finish, that’s up to you. We hope you decide to stay though!

We love the diversity of people from all over the world that are in our community. In fact, we have traders from different backgrounds and all walks of life. For example, professionals, stay at home moms, single parents, millennial’s, boomers, and people from outside the USA.

Stock Trading Service

There are a lot of gurus and trading companies in the industry, which can make things confusing for new traders. So, how do you choose the best stock trading service company?

Look at their company reviews online. One of the best ways to see if a trading service company is legit is to read reviews that their members have written on them online. (we have Google reviews and Facebook reviews).

Everyone knows that when someone isn’t happy nowadays, they aren’t afraid to express their opinions. So, if a trading company isn’t good then chances are there will be negative reviews written on them somewhere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a company is good because many people that are satisfied might not be inclined to write a review.

Are the Bullish Bears the best stock trading company in the industry? That’s up to you to decide haha. We do have a lot of great reviews of us online. Check out Bullish Bears Reviews to see for yourself how our members rate us.

Free Stock Market Courses ($3,000+ Value)
Trading Service

False Lifestyles

Hope is Real within our trading community. As a result, we aren’t like other stock trading services that you’ll see out there. In fact, you know them…the one’s selling you a false traders lifestyle about how easy it is to get rich in the stock market.

You’ve probably seen them all over YouTube in their fancy private jets, driving Maserati’s, and hanging in Bali. We have no ill will towards these trading services. However, we’re just different; that’s all. Some people like promoting fancy things. However, that’s just not our style though. In fact, we’d much rather help you, not pump ourselves up.

stock trading services

What Are Stock Trading Services?

Stock trading services provide you with the tools necessary to help learn how to trade the stock market. They offer subscription services that do live webinar streaming of the markets, and show potential trade setups. Some services offer real-time options alerts. Other companies will offer free or paid courses as well. The Bullish Bears community offers live daily webinars, free courses, real-time stock alerts as well as daily watch lists.

Trading Rooms

Our trade rooms are where the action takes place each day. In fact, we offer a action packed trade room that discusses swing trading, futures, options and stocks.. Try our community free.

Trading rooms are very popular trading services. In fact, they’re helpful to traders as they learn real-time how to trade the markets. As a result, they’re a great place to learn and interact with other like-minded traders. In fact, our trade rooms are a lot of fun, and we have that “pay it forward” mentality of helping each other out.

Therefore, feel free to ask questions and interact with other members in our trade rooms. They’re very helpful. In fact, no question is too silly to ask. We have an off-topic room that is perfect for this. We were all new traders once so we know how intimidating it can feel like when you’re first getting started.

Inside our trade rooms you’ll see us teaching the markets with real-time charting, mentoring, and training in our live trading rooms.

Live Streaming

The importance of being able to look over experienced traders shoulders is an invaluable service, especially if you’re new to trading. In fact, the world of trading can seem overwhelming and fast paced at first. Don’t worry, it gets easier. 

Therefore, it takes most traders several months if not 1 year+ to become comfortable as a trader. However, don’t worry if it takes you a bit of learning curve at first. That’s normal. Everyone is different, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Trading live streaming is one of our most valuable stock trading services that we offer to our community members because we are teaching real-time charting, answering questions, and showing you at times when we take a trade. We are not stock pumpers.

Stock pumpers take advantage of their trade room members, whether they want to admit it or not. If you’ve ever lost in a trade following a Guru…you get what I’m saying.

We encourage our members to come into our trade rooms, ask questions, have fun, and also to practice when they learn in a virtual account for a few months making at least a couple hundred practice trades before trading with real money. It takes some time to become a comfortable trader so make sure to give yourself the time that you deserve and don’t rush the process.

Stock Trading Service

So, when we do stock market trading, we don’t take crazy large positions. Therefore, we’re not using our community members to pump up the stock so we make more money. Unfortunately, there are many trading services that run these types of companies.

We live stream each morning for a couple of hours, and also at times throughout the day. In fact, you can watch and hear us live and at the same chat with other community members in the trade rooms. We even share our stock scanners live.

You can look over our shoulders as we chart stocks real-time, answer your questions, and see when we enter and exit trades. Please DO NOT follow any of our trades unless you are fully comfortable with the risks associated with being a trader. Again, we’re not like other “stock pumping” trading companies that you see out there.

Come and join us and make sure to introduce yourself and interact with our community. This is great live stock market training

Free Trading Courses

A basic stock trading course, day trading course, options trading, swing trading, candlesticks patterns, and how to set up your brokerage account.

As a result, make sure to really take the time to study and practice a lot before making any trades. 

Becoming a comfortable trader takes time. It takes many new traders at least 6 months to a year to feel comfortable trading. That’s why we say not to rush the learning curve that comes as a trader.

Treat trading like you would a career or profession. Really invest into yourself and study. We suggest studying 1-2 hours every day for several months until you feel comfortable.

Again, we’ve given our members a lot of resources to help them get started. Take our free courses above. Start with our beginners courses and then slowly work your way up to our advanced courses.

Open a paper trading account with a company like TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers and practice making several hundred trades first before trading with real money in your brokerage account.

We’ve only tapped the surface of all that we offer and will continue to offer to our community members. The education and training that we offer to our community members is unprecedented in the industry.

We created the Bullish Bears with the vision of becoming the most trusted stock market trading community in the world. Our mission is to give our community members an honest, realistic, and affordable education in the stock market. We continuously strive to achieve this mission more and more each day.

Helping you to achieve the financial or personal goals that you’ve always desired in trading sites. In fact, we could say we’re the best trading platform for beginners.

Whether you want to pay off debts, provide extra income for family, take an extra vacation with your family or on your own, and have more money for a secure retirement. You know…to help you attain the things that truly matter in life.

In fact, if you want to attain “the stuff” we’ll help you to achieve that too. Our stock trading service company and fun community will teach you the skill sets that you’ll need to become a better trader and in return you can do whatever you desire with the money. Come and join us…

Stock Trading Service

What Is the Best Stock Trading Platform & Website for Beginners?

  1. TD Ameritrade
  2. Charles Schwab
  3. E-Trade
  4. Interactive Brokers
  5. Fidelity

Get Started Today

The Bullish Bears offers several thousand dollars of free stock market courses in our trading service. Therefore, you’re going to quickly see that money isn’t our priority. In fact, we want to make how to learn stock trading as affordable as possible. As a result, we save you a lot of money getting started with our courses. 

Just because they are free doesn’t mean that the content isn’t valuable. In fact, there are countless hours of video tutorials on stock training topics. As a result, treat trading like you would an education or starting a new career. Take it seriously and invest in yourself. Remember…it takes time to become a good trader, just like anything else in life worth striving for.

Get Started Trading

Trade alert “signals” are included in our trading service. Right off the bat we want to be very clear…we are NOT a stock pumping service, which means that we don’t call out entries and exits on trades to our community members. In fact, we don’t do this because this is the reason why most traders FAIL! They depend on some “guru” on when to tell them to enter and exit a trade. In return they never know how to become their own self-sufficient traders. Try our alerts free.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful trader then it’s important to learn how to become your own trader and never rely upon someone else to call out trades to you. We will teach you the necessary skills on how to become a profitable trader within our community. However, it’s up to you to implement what we teach you.

So, each night we post our “day trade alerts setups” for our members. These are the key break out areas that we anticipate might happen from the stocks on our nightly watch lists. As a result, we teach you what to look for. We show you the patterns and the signals, however, it’s up to you if you’d like to take the trade. We cant tell you what to do. 

Subscribe to our real time stocks alerts.

Hard Work

The Bullish Bears team also includes daily stocks lists in our stock trading service. Let’s take a moment to talk about watch lists.

Watch lists mean just that. They are stocks to watch but not necessarily to trade. In fact, they are stocks that have the potential to gap up or have follow through the following day. We teach our community how to only trade the best set ups and not trade just to trade. If you don’t trade the best set ups then that’s a perfect way to blow up your brokerage account and we don’t want you to do that.

As a result, each night we do the heavy lifting for you and save you about an hour each night of having to create watchlists yourself. We include a day trade and swing trade watch list. We want to be the best swing trading service out there along with day trading.

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