Trading Software For Mac

Trading Software for Mac

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Are you wondering what the best trading software for a Mac is? This blog’s designed for those looking to utilize traders looking to use their Mac hardware to trade. Because Apple offer’s some of the best computer hardware on the market, they’re perfect for running and supporting trading software.

Unfortunately, none of the top-charting platforms have been written for or ported to the Mac OS, which is sad.

All the heavy hitters from TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, eSignal, Metastock, and MetaTrader were developed for the Windows operating system.

But I’m sure you already know this if you’ve been trying to trade from your Mac. 

However, if you’re into Forex trading, a trading platform for Mac like AvaTrade is one you could consider. You could also consider ThinkorSwim.

I used this trading platform on my Mac before I ended up switching to a PC. Now I can’t say it’s the best trading software for Mac because mine was old when I downloaded TOS. But I could use it without any issues.

What’s Important When Selecting a Trading Platform

Regardless of the computer, you’re using, there’s a handful of platform features essential for traders. Even with trading software for Mac. Before you rush in, ensure the one you select includes at least some if not all of these:

Market Replay Capability.  The ability to replay historical market data at any time is crucial for both new and seasoned traders. How are you going to know if your new strategy will work if you can’t backtest it? You don’t if your platform doesn’t have this capability. How will you know what tweaks to make to your current strategy? Once again, you don’t if it doesn’t have this feature. 

Direct Chart Trading. The ability to place trades from the chart. This is a must for day traders. On-chart trading enables you to place and execute trades directly from the chart.

Custom order entries or attached orders. This saving grace feature automatically adds a stop loss to your order. For newbies, this is crucial, so you don’t lose your shirt. On the flip side, you can set your take profit amount. Finally, it cancels orders once you hit your stops or profit targets.

Execution Speed. We’re all familiar with the saying time is money and nowhere is truer than in the day trading world. Whatever you do, make sure your software will let you rapidly enter and exit trades. Further to that, check the reviews out to see if there are any trade execution red flags. A few seconds could be the difference between finishing in the red or green at the end of the day.  

Things To Consider When Selecting Trading Platform for Mac

Your trading platform is one of the MOST important tools in your trading toolbox. From analyzing market data to interfacing with your broker to ensure flawless trade execution, I can’t overstate the importance of your platform. 

Whatever you do, do NOT compromise on your trading software for Mac. 

The good news is that you don’t need to compromise if you have a Mac. Did you know that pretty much all windows based trading platforms can be run on a Mac? By using either browser-based software or running virtual machine software, there’s no reason why you can’t make bank trading on your Mac.

Running Browser-Based Trading Software for Mac

Trading View

The BEST browser-based trading software for Mac available by far is TradingView. I have to admit; I’m in love with the charts on Trading View. With intuitive and easy-to-use charts, it’s one of the best charting software I’ve ever used.

More specifically, TradingView charts are simple to navigate, scale and manipulate. Within the platform, you’ll find a “tools” section with tons of different options to select from. One of my favorite features is the platform is the tools; they’re straightforward to use, and there’s a good selection.

Trading Software for Mac

I’d be remiss not to mention that they have a limited range of brokers supported on the platform. Furthermore, one of the biggest downsides for a long time was the inability to place trades directly from the charts. Luckily, this all changed as brokers such as Oanda, Tradestation, FXCM, BigSur, and Catalina connected to Trading View. 

For those looking to access Trading View’s advanced features – think fast data fee and additional fees, you’ll need to break out the wallet. An upgrade to atleast the PRO monthly subscription is required to unlock the advanced features. 

TradingView is a modern, evolving stock charting and trading tool. At this point, there are a few technical issues that need to get sorted (e.g. tick charts are not yet available, charts can change when refreshed, etc.) – and in time, I’m sure these technical issues will get resolved. It’s far easier to use than other tools; it looks great on any platform and makes MT4 look very clunky in comparison.

Are Macs Good for Trading?

Depending on who you ask, Macs are superiors to PCs. Macs are fast, easy to upkeep, and have built-in security. Having a fast operating system is necessary for trading. So trading software for Mac will be one that has fast execution speeds.

In fact, LightSpeed is a trading platform you can run on Mac. And they just might be the best day trading platform out there. Read our LightSpeed review here if you want to know more about them. And they work on a Mac.

Running Virtual Machine Trading Software for Mac

Even though the major platforms weren’t written for the Mac, it doesn’t mean you can use them. By using Parallels software, you can access the best Windows-based based trading platforms. Parallels Desktop is, without doubt, one of the most popular virtual machine software among Mac users.

Are You Interested in Futures Trading?

Ninja Trader 8 is probably the best and undoubtedly most popular platform and brokerage for those trading futures. With an easy-to-use interface, multi-screen functionality, customizable charts, on-chart trade execution, and attached orders, it’s any trader’s dream. It offers a responsive charting experience, and users will not be disappointed. 

You get access to their premium service for just $60/month or a one-time lifetime license fee of $1099. The premium service includes automated trading, backtesting, advanced orders, and trading activity analysis (volume bars, order flow, market depth).

Even better, the NinjaTrader SIM platform is free to use!. Before you decide to subscribe, you can see Rose actively using the platform in our Futures trading room. It can help give you a better sense of why they are among the best Futures brokers out there.

Don’t fret if you have a mac. NinjaTrader can easily be run by installing Windows withing macOS using Parallels. What makes Parallels the best way to run Windows on a Mac? Well, it allows you to switch between Windows and macOS seamlessly, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Trading Software for Mac

How To Install NinjaTrader on a Mac

  1. Download Parallels
  2. Install Windows 10
  3. Download and install NinjaTrader. It will ask you to enter your email at this step, and Ninja will send you a link to download the windows version. 

Before you install Ninja Trader, make sure you make the below changes in Parallels. Doing so will ensure you can drag and drop folders from your macOS into Windows.

  • Start parallels
  • Select your virtual machine
  • Locate and press the “configure” button at the top
  • Select “sharing” under “options”
  • Under “share mac user folders with Widows,” uncheck “Share Mac.”
  • Finally, press “OK.” You are now able to start the virtual machine.

Once you complete these changes, you can run the NinjaTrader installer to finalize the setup in Windows.

Where To Go From Here

As you can see, there’s no reason to be deterred from trading if you have a Mac. Once you have your trading software for Mac and broker selected, it’s time to pick your education provider. Nowadays, you’ll find many people promising instant results in trading.

Just last night, a message landed in my Instagram DM, promising me gains of $25,000 a day. All for a small fee of $1,000, of course. It’s ridiculous and downright ludicrous that I would fall for that, but some people do. Don’t be that person. 

For a small fee, you can get access to our trade rooms and next-level library of courses. Still not convinced? Head over to our website, where we have thousands of dollars worth of free courses available. Save your money, start small, then go from there.

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