TradingBlock Review

TradingBlock Broker Review 2024

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This TradingBlock Review isn’t for blockheads. Interestingly, “blockheads” is what TradingBlock staff and clients affectionately call themselves. Also, their site is humorous. It informs clients to contact them by any means possible. Then, it lists the options as online, phone, fax, email, snail mail, or carrier pigeon.

AOS, Inc., behind TradingBlock, is a discount brokerage that started in 2010. The company offers a variety of products and services. From platforms to API connectivity and smart routing, TradingBlock provides it. TradingBlock calls its FAQs “FACs,” Frequently Addressed Conundrums. However, you’ll be happy to know they also speak seriously about trading. We provide this TradingBlock review so our community members know the best tools available. As you learn stock trading, you must have the proper tools.

TradingBlock Website Review

TradingBlock Platform Review

Our TradingBlock review looks at the first offer as a web-based platform. This is easy to use. It allows traders to trade stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, and bonds. The interface offers the usual gambit of chart types, the “can’t live without” real-time quotes, and portfolio management tools to track your trades.

And hopefully your profits. Moreover, the platform enables traders to link multiple accounts under one login.

The system features customizable scanners, screeners, and builders. For instance, look at the Stock/ETF Finder scans for stocks and ETFs.

First, it looks for securities exhibiting good trading potential. Next, after finding a candidate, TradeBuilder produces up to 40 potential trading strategies.

Then, it ranks them according to their profit potential. Similarly, the Volatility Finder scans for over or undervalued options based on volatility.

PortfolioHedger produces up to five hedge ideas to protect any stock or ETF in your portfolio. 

Research and Tools

The platform provides a suite of research and analysis tools. For example, you get scalable price and volatility charts with up to five years of historical data.

Also, view options chains by 17 different strategy types. Or use the Trade Analyzer risk analysis tool. Additional features include fundamental data, news, and watch lists.

TradingBlock offers Auto-Trade, an automated trade execution service. Also, it bases its recommendations on Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Tradespoon, Go Trade Signals, and Booking Alpha newsletters.

Overall, it’s a good platform with some unique tools. However, I wouldn’t call it robust. While it suits casual traders, active traders may prefer something more advanced.

Consequently, TradingBlock offers access to more sophisticated platforms to meet the needs of active traders. Hence, this TradingBlock review is needed.

Trading Rooms Stock Signals and Trading Alerts Stock Watch Lists
DESCRIPTION Bullish Bears offer trade rooms in our Discord. Our chat rooms include penny stocks, large caps, options, and futures We offer stock signals and trade alerts through our watch lists and Discord bots using Tradytics Swing trade and day trade watch lists with hand-picked symbols that have the best chance of breakouts. These are stocks to watch

Futures and More Platforms

For trading futures and options on futures, TradingBlock requires a separate account and offers a different platform. There are no minimum trade requirements, account maintenance, or inactivity fees.

Futures and options can be a great way to grow a small account. 

OEC Trader

Our TradingBlock review looks at the free futures platform. This platform offers ten different customizable chart styles. Then, trade from the charts with one-click order placement.

Also, the platform provides real-time streaming data and a DOM (Depth of Market) window. The Market Replay feature also enables you to record and playback trading sessions in a simulated mode.

IBroker Mobile Trading App

The futures trading app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Also, the mobile platform features real-time quotes and customizable charts.

Likewise, you get indicators, watch lists, alerts, and more. The best brokerage firms always have an app for you to trade on the go. Hence our TradingBlock review.

As a result, you’ll get to learn about this broker. Should you decide to trade stock options, you’ll have the tools.

Trading Block Pro Review

The TradingBlock Pro package offers access to advanced trading platforms. Of course, these have all the bells and whistles for more sophisticated trading.

You can choose from any of the following platforms: Sterling Trader Pro and SILEXX OEMS—RealTick and TOP (TradeSpeed Options Professional) from Instinet.

Additionally, TradingBlock Pro offers API connectivity and smart routing for ultra-low latency and direct access to all significant equity and option exchanges. Tracking your results won’t be a problem. You’ll find professional reporting, back office, and fee management tools for money managers and traders. According to TradingBlock, they can also help investors via their Mini-Prime broker services, AOS, Inc. This offers MoneyBlock online broker-dealer for investment advisors, registered representatives, and independent RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors).

What Are TradingBlock’s Fees and Commissions? (Pricing Review)

  1. Here are TradingBlock’s fees and commissions:
  2. The rate for stocks and ETFs is $0.001 per share with a $5.00 minimum.
  3. The option rate (up to 4 legs) is $5.00 + $0.50 per contract.
  4. Bonds are $1 per bond with a $50 minimum.
  5. Mutual funds and UITs (unit investment trusts) are each $30.

TradingBlock Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of TradingBlock because the company is privately held.

Final Thoughts: TradingBlock Review

What about the type of accounts? They offer individual, joint, entity, custodial, and retirement accounts (Traditional, Rollover, Roth, and SEP IRAs).

There’s no minimum amount to open most accounts. However, IRAs require a $500 minimum, and the minimum for a margin account is $2,000.

Fund the account via ACH, check, or wire transfer (though ACH is not available for custodial accounts).

Also, view TradingBlock’s margin account rates and requirements.

For a futures trading account, the minimum is $2,000. And the rate is $2.50 per side, per contract. For more information on TradingBlock Futures, go here.

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