This TradingSim Review should make all the night owls and ultra-early birds out there happy to know that they can practice paper trading at any time of day.

TradingSim was created for traders by traders. Al Hill and Kunal Vakil sought to improve their skills in a realistic trading environment. They found that one obstacle at that time was the inability to make simulated trades when the market was closed.

As a result, they set out to create a platform that would enable them to practice their trading using real market data at any time of any day. The result was TradingSim.

TradingSim Review

Al Hill and Kunal Vakil believe traders are made, not born.


TradingSim has a high degree of functionality. However, it's easy and straightforward to use. Meanwhile, it's customizable with over 60 drawing tools and more than 50 indicators.  

It provides 2 years of historical data (tick, level 1, and time and sales). All you need is a browser to use the software; no downloads are necessary.  

You don't even need to have a brokerage account to practice your trading with TradingSim. Check out our trading service for reviews of other companies as well as stock market courses to practice trading. Read More

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