VectorVest Review

VectorVest Review

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VectorVest Review: The concept of this platform came about when Dr. DiLiddo decided he could define exactly what moves stock prices. He’s a mathematician and MIT graduate and passionate about the stock market, a very good combination in our eyes. He designed this system because he didn’t have time to look through thousands of stocks when trading. Like many of us, he wanted answers faster. So he went on to create a platform to get the job done.

This VectorVest review may or may not reveal the holy grail of trading. Regardless, reading it’ll make you feel like a knight on a quest for it. It’s been said that the holy grail of stock trading would be a system producing profits with survivable draw-downs; and without much human intervention. VectorVest is hoping to be this market timing miracle machine. Has it succeeded yet? Let’s see what VectorVest can do for you. If you keep reading you’ll see its got some pretty great things to brag about.

Is Vectorvest Any Good?

VectorVest operates as a subscription service for those wanting an automated stock analysis/advisory platform. It identifies opportunities and points to the action to take which makes it a good choice for serious traders.

Because it’s totally system based, VectorVest is supposed to look through thousands of stocks. The goal is to find the good stocks to trade. Therefore, it tells you when and what to buy and sell. Because its only doing what its programmed to do, it has no bias, and the algorithms are dictating action. Very much like how TrendSpider works for charting. A lot of people are looking for people or a system to tell them when to buy and sell stocks, so this should be very popular with people who are likely reading this review.

Vectorvest Website

Especially Specific for Specialists

How does this VectorVest review help for trading specialists? If you’re scanning stocks with specific criteria, VectorVest may serve you well. Being familiar with other trading software programs such as Trade-Ideas and NinjaTrader, may help adapt faster to this all-encompassing platform. But like any program, you will learn it in time.

Needless to say, if you are less tech savy or new to the trading world you’re looking at a pretty steep learning curve. Not because the platform is hard to use, but because there’s a lot to use and choose from.

We’re talking about an entire collection of tools with add-ons designed for specific functions. Unless you know what you’re looking for, or have a precise strategy that VectorVest products can help with, you may think they’re either too overwhelming or overkill. Make sure you get your feet wet and work your way up to it’s abilities and all it has to offer.

On the other hand, these sophisticated and advanced features are what makes VectorVest so powerful. Professional traders and investors need top of the line, high-performance, platforms to identify opportunities and make educated decisions. Therefore, this review is for you. Let’s get into it.

Beginners can also stick to trading the recommendations issued by the software until they’ve enough training to modify the predefined routines.

Vectorvest AAPL Review

Tools and Add-Ons Galore

Let’s take a look at tools and add-ons in this VectorVest review:

  • VectorVest 7The VectorVest 7 stock advisory software is the flagship product. It uses 41 parameters to help analyze and rank over 20,000 stocks. They’re from different markets around the world. It recommends buy/sell & hold strategies. While updating you on entry and exit points.
  • Stock Advisory – Mobile AppSimilar to VectorVest7, the mobile app acts as an advisor on the go. It’s available free with delayed streaming data as part of a premium plan.
  • RoboTraderThis is the alert system that interacts with some of their other products. Although it’s not an automated trading robot, it can, however, pre-fill the order entry form if connected to a VectorVest partner broker.
  • RealTime DerbyThis program runs 100 long strategies and over 30 short strategies daily to extract the top 10 best opportunities in real time.
  • WatchdogMonitors your selected stocks and alerts you if a price has met specific MACD or Support/Resistance criteria when your computer is on.
  • Super WatchdogSame as Watchdog but alerts you while away from the computer.
  • ProfitLocker ProFloating stop loss and profit taker tool.
  • ProTrader 7Search engines using over 28 built-in (and customizable) technical searches.
Vectorvest Money Makers

Money Makers is one of the pre-built strategies that is popular out of the box.

A Partial List of What You’re Able to Search

Our VectorVest review looks at some of the indicators available to you. For example:

  • Channels
  • Bollinger Bands Crossovers
  • ADXR Crossovers
  • EMA Crossover
  • MA Crossovers
  • ADX Crossovers
  • Envelope Crossovers
  • Stochastics Oscillator Crossovers
  • Relative Moving Averages
  • Directional Indicator Crossover
  • ADXR Crossover
  • DPO Crossovers
  • WMA Crossovers
  • MACD Crossovers
  • RSI Crossovers

Combination Crossovers

  • Options Analyzer It provides 10 different analysis graphs to construct your own option trades. Or use their built-in trades. (Analysis chart, Probability chart, Time Decay chart, Trade Simulation chart, Volatility chart. Then the Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho).
  • OptionsPro Scans any list of stocks to highlight ones with the highest probability of profit using options.
  • AutoTimer It manages your portfolio and tells you when to take action with the help of backtesting.
  • Personal Portfolio Analysis In-depth portfolio analysis service based on VectorVest proprietary stock analysis system.

What Is the Cost of Vectorvest? (Pricing Review)

  1. Vectorvest “Basic” plan costs $69 per month
  2. “Enhanced” costs $99 per month
  3. “Premium” is $149 a month.
  4. They offer a 30 day free trial

Get updated pricing here.

International Investors & Global Traders

There’s one thing the company offers that you won’t find easily when dealing with scanners, analysis, and advisory software or services. It works with seven (7) different markets.

This can be quite interesting for traders in the US and Canadian markets as well as other international markets. Here’s a list of the markets taken from their website:

  •      United States – Over 7,900 Stocks – 226 Industry Groups – 41 Business Sectors
  •      Canada – Over 3,400 Stocks – 127 Industry Groups – 40 Business Sectors
  •      Australia – Over 1,700 Shares – 28 Industry Groups – 12 Business Sectors
  •      Singapore – Over 750 Shares – 28 Industry Groups – 12 Business Sectors
  •      United Kingdom – Over 2,200 Shares – 160 Industry Groups – 39 Business Sectors
  •      Europe – Over 2,200 Shares – 161 Industry Groups – 39 Business Sectors
  •     Hong Kong – Over 1,600 Shares – 28 Industry Groups – 12 Business Sectors

EOD, Fifteen Minutes or Real-Time

It looks like VectorVest caters to high-end sophisticated swing/position and longer-term traders. However, if you subscribe to their “RealTime” option, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use these tools for intraday trading.

It’s a matter of budget really. VectorVest is far from being the least expensive program out there. Take a look here. End of Day, Intraday (on a 15 minutes basis), and real-time tick by tick are choices you have. The choice you make dictates the price you pay for the basic VectorVest 7 subscription service. In fact, the basic service may be all you need.

Then “inform” the platform of the type of investor you are and your risk tolerance. As a result, you’ll receive signals considered safe; according to your profile.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Vectorvest?

  1. What you may like:Can eliminate emotions from trading decisions.Great for experts in trading options.Reduce manual analysis of data.Lots of tutorials/training for beginners.
  2. What you may not like:More expensive than most competitors.Too much info can be overwhelming/confusing.The software runs on your computer power.You have to trust the math with your hard earned money.

Vectorvest Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of Vectorvest because the company is privately held.

VectorVest Review Final Thoughts

With over 250 predesigned searches, VectorVest 7 may save time. You’re not having to figure out what to look for on a daily basis. For over 16 years ,VectorVest members have received market guidance on a daily basis.

Included is a commentary on market direction and possible strategies to take. As a result, you can profit from the current market condition.

The software is definitely worth a try. Dr. Diliddo is pretty confident in his system. In fact, he guarantees 100% satisfaction.

So if you feel ready, you can pay a $9.95 fee for a 30 day trial. The key operating word here is “ready”. For example, take a look at the technical searches the VectorVest system does. Do you understand all those indicators yet?

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