This VectorVest review may not reveal the holy grail of trading. However, reading it'll make you feel like a knight on a quest for it. It’s been said that the holy grail of stock trading would be a system​ producing profits with survivable draw-downs; and without much human intervention.

VectorVest is hoping to be this market timing miracle machine. ​Has it succeeded yet? Let’s see what VectorVest can do for you.

VectorVest Review

Is this the holy grail? The miracle?


The concept of this platform came about when Dr. DiLiddo​ decided he could define exactly what moves stock prices. He's a mathematician and MIT graduate.

He designed this system because he didn’t have time to look through thousands of stocks when trading. He needed answers faster. ​Hence this VectorVest review.

VectorVest operates as a subscription service for those wanting an automated stock analysis/advisory platform. It identifies opportunities and points to ​the action to take.

Because it's totally system based, VectorVest is supposed to look through thousands of stocks. The goal is to find the good stocks to trade. ​Therefore, it tells you when and what to buy and sell.


How does this VectorVest review help for trading specialists? If you're scanning stocks ​with specific criteria, VectorVest may serve you well.​ ​

Being familiar with other trading software programs such as Trade-Ideas and NinjaTrader, may help adapt faster to this ​all-encompassing platform.

​Otherwise, you're looking at a pretty steep learning curve. Not because the platform is hard to use, but because there's a lot to use and choose from.

We're talking about an entire collection of tools with add-ons designed for specific functions. Unless you know what you’re looking for, or have a precise strategy that VectorVest products can help with, you may think ​they're either too overwhelming or overkill.

On the other hand, these sophisticated and advanced features are what makes VectorVest so powerful. ​Professional traders and investors need top of the line, high-performance, platforms to identify opportunities and make educated decisions. Therefore, this VectorVest review is for you. 

Beginners can also stick to trading the recommendations issued by the software until they've enough training to modify the predefined routines. Read More

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