Vimeo Stock

Vimeo Stock (VMEO) Symbol and Price

Can you buy Vimeo stock? Yes, you can! Vimeo trades on the stock market under the ticker $VMEO. Vimeo has traded on the market since May 25, 2021. Read more on how it’s going and where it’s headed. 

A Walk Down Vimeo Lane

Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein established Vimeo in November 2004. Initially, the platform was a video streaming website emphasizing curated content sharing and tagging of high-definition videos.

In August 2006, IAC, a media and internet company, acquired Vimeo. Under IAC’s direction, Vimeo continued to evolve and enhance. Just a short year later, Vimeo made impressive advancements. It became the first video-sharing site to support consumer HD (high-definition) videos. HD allowed users to upload and watch videos in higher quality.

Over time, Vimeo transitioned from a platform primarily for showcasing creative work to a comprehensive video creation, editing, and sharing platform. As such, it offered tools for many users, including beginners, professionals, marketers, and CEOs.

Today, Vimeo focuses on delivering high-definition video content across various devices. Its business model is based on software-as-a-service (SaaS), offering subscription plans to businesses and content creators. What about Vimeo stock?

Vimeo Stock Zacks Review

Just this past January, Vimeo, Inc. (VMEO) received an upgrade to a Zacks Ranking of #1 (Strong Buy). The main reason for this upgrade is the positive trend in earnings estimates, a significant factor influencing stock prices. This ranking makes Vimeo stock an attractive option for investors looking to add to their portfolio. 

Vimeo Zacks Report

How Zacks Rates Companies

How would Zacks rate a stock like Vimeo stock? The Zacks rating system evaluates a company’s financial performance based on its changing earnings pattern. In many cases, it can be challenging for investors to decide which stock to buy.

Changes that can significantly impact near-term stock price movements are driven by subjective factors that are hard to measure. But, the Zacks rating system is handy since it considers how earnings are subject to change. 

Most Powerful Force Impacting Stock Prices

Investors believe that a company’s future earnings potential affects its stock price in the short term. They use earnings estimate revisions to determine the fair value of a company’s shares. Institutional investors, in particular, use earnings and earnings estimates in their valuation models.

When earnings estimates change, the fair value of a stock is adjusted accordingly. Institutional investors then buy or sell shares based on this adjustment, which can lead to price movements for the stock.

The recent rise in earnings estimates for Vimeo, Inc. shows improvement in the company’s underlying business. As a result of this positive trend, investors will likely value the company more highly, increasing Vimeo stock price.

Harnessing the Power of Earnings Estimate Revisions

If you’re an investor, you can benefit from keeping track of changes made to earnings predictions. These changes can significantly influence short-term stock movements. One system that helps with this is the Zacks Rank.

It uses earnings estimate revisions to rate stocks efficiently. By monitoring such changes, investors can make better-informed decisions about their investments. As a result, check out Zacks near Vimeo stock earnings. 

Earnings Estimate Revisions for Vimeo Stock

For the past three months, analysts have been steadily revising their estimates for Vimeo, Inc.. According to the Zacks Consensus Estimate, the company’s expected performance has improved by 54.1%

What is the current status of Vimeo stock? On Friday, March 15, 2024, Viemo closed at \$5.58, a gain of 3.58% from the opening price of \$5.38. With 158.64 million shares outstanding, they have a market capitalization of $903.75 million.

Five Second Takeaway: Vimeo Stock

  • Vimeo, Inc. (VMEO) is an American video-sharing platform on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
  • Vimeo offers a comprehensive video creation, editing, and sharing platform
  • With 158.64 million shares outstanding, they have a market capitalization of $903.75 million.
  • Just this past January, Vimeo stock (VMEO) received an upgrade to a Zacks Ranking of #1 (Strong Buy). 

How Does Vimeo Work?

Do you want to trade Vimeo stock? If you wonder how Vimeo works, here is a breakdown:

Uploading Videos

Vimeo allows users to upload their videos, whether they are creators, businesses, or organizations. It provides tools to help users manage their video content and customize their video player.

Sharing and Browsing

Videos on Vimeo can be easily shared with others once uploaded. Users can share videos through direct links, embed them on websites, or share them on social media platforms. Additionally, users can browse videos on the platform to discover and watch content from other creators.


 Vimeo allows users to engage with videos in various ways. Users can like, comment on, and share videos to interact with the content and connect with other users. They can also add videos to their Watch Later list or create collections of their favorite videos.


Who doesn’t like to make money? Well, Vimeo is one such platform. Vimeo offers tools and features for users to monetize their videos, such as selling or renting content, hosting paid live events, and launching subscription-based channels. Creators and businesses can generate revenue from their video content.

Additional Features

Vimeo provides additional features, including a video editing and customization suite. It also supports high-quality video streaming with 4K, 8K HDR, and Dolby Vision options.

Overall, Vimeo provides a platform for users to upload, share, and monetize videos while offering features and tools to enhance the video experience.

How Much Does a Vimeo Subscription Cost?

Vimeo offers your three plan choices based on what you need to do. These plans include the Free plan, Starter plan, Pro plan, Business plan, and Premium plan. These plans can help Vimeo stock price. 

The Free Plan

Like most free services, your options are limited. The Viemo free plan allows you to upload and share videos. However, it has limitations like limited storage and only basic video analytics.

Paid Plans

Vimeo offers paid subscription plans for more features and enhanced capabilities. Understandably, the cost of these plans will vary depending on the features, storage capacity, and customization level you want. 

Below is a quick breakdown of the different plan options:

Starter Plan: At $7 per month (billed annually), you’ll get 250GB of storage per year, privacy settings, basic analytics, and support.

Pro Plan: The Pro plan is $20 monthly (billed annually). For an extra $13 from the starter plan, you’ll get 7TB of storage per year, advanced privacy settings, audience insights, and advanced player customization.

Business plan: The Business plan is designed for teams and is $50 per month (billed annually). It includes 5TB of storage per year, unlimited live streaming, team collaboration tools, and advanced analytics.

Premium plan: Vimeo’s most comprehensive plan for high-volume businesses is the Premium plan. It costs \$75 per month (billed annually), including unlimited storage, VIP support, a customer success manager, live streaming, advanced analytics, and other custom solutions.

Is There a Potential for a Vimeo Takeover?

On March 5, 2024, Vimeo stock quickly rose in price, only to fall by 2.2%. The culprit? News that Bending Spoons SpA is thinking about buying them. It has been reported that Bending Spoons SpA, one of Europe’s largest mobile app developers, is considering acquiring Vimeo Inc. At this point, you’re likely wondering who the bending spoons are. 

If you didn’t know, Milan-based Bending Spoons is one of Europe’s biggest mobile app developers. Talks, however, are at an early stage, and Bending Spoons are declining comment. One thing we do know, according to Bloomberg, is that Bending Spoons are on the hunt for companies to buy. And apparently, they have money to burn after a $2.6 billion fund-raising round.

Vimeo Stock Bottom Line

Zack’s classify a ‘Strong Buy’ rating to stocks in the top 5% regardless of market conditions. Additionally, stocks that get a ‘Buy’ rating are part of the next 15% of the Zacks-covered stocks.

Therefore, if a stock belongs to the top 20% of Zacks-covered stocks, it suggests that it has a superior earnings estimate revision feature, which makes it a strong contender for producing returns that beat the market. In the case of Vimeo stock, it’s classified as a “strong buy” and might be a good choice for your portfolio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Just this past January, Vimeo, Inc. (VMEO) received an upgrade to a Zacks Ranking of #1 (Strong Buy).

The 3 Market Insider analysts forecast a median target of $7.08, with a high of $10.00 and a low of $4.00 for Vimeo stock. The average estimate is a 79.76% difference from the last price of $5.65.

Vimeo's most recent financial reports indicate that the company currently possesses $0.30 billion in cash and cash equivalents.

Absolutely! Vimeo has more than 230 million globally registered users.

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