Yahoo Finance Premium Review

Yahoo Finance Premium Review 2024

Yahoo Finance Premium Review: Have you ever googled a ticker symbol and had Yahoo Finance pop up? They pull up great fundamentals and prices at the drop of a hat. Did you know you can pay for their premium service? It has everything you need in an easy dashboard. We did a Yahoo Finance Premium review to see if they’re worth the money.

If you’re like me, one of the first places you will go to for a basic overview of a stock or company is Yahoo Finance. For the young ones, Yahoo used to be one of the leading search engines and free email services on the internet. Long before Google came along, it took both markets over.

Since then, Yahoo has had to find other outlets to remain relevant. The most popular are its news, finance, and fantasy sports sites. If you like playing fantasy football and checking stock prices, chances are you remain one of Yahoo’s high-volume users.

Yahoo Finance gives a fairly in-depth look at stocks and funds. As well as an up-to-date news feed from some of the most trusted financial news sites on the internet. Yahoo even provides free basic charts, company profiles, and a look at balance sheets and financial information.

Which, quite frankly, is most of the data you’ll need if you’re a casual investor. For those who want more from their platform, a premium version of Yahoo Finance provides you with up-to-date market trends, investor insights, and much more! Our Yahoo Finance Premium review does a deep dive into what they offer.

Yahoo Finance Premium Website Review

Main Features

Anything you see on the free Yahoo Finance version with a lock symbol next to it is only available in the premium version. You may find that everything you need when looking at a stock is available in the free version. But for those investors wanting more information and features, here’s a Yahoo Finance Premium review of what you get.

Daily Trade Ideas Based on Your Interests: This feature is interesting; Yahoo takes your recent search history and stock watchlist choices and provides daily trading ideas. If you are paying for a premium service, you are probably more of an advanced investor, so you are most likely doing your due diligence and research into companies. Daily trade ideas might be a cool feature, but most serious investors know not to follow a suggestion unthinkingly, no matter who provides it. 

Curated Third-Party Investment Research: More of what you are looking for if you are a serious investor. Yahoo Finance Premium provides subscribers with daily analyst reports from Morningstar and Argus. Users can read the reports online or download them later, all as a part of the premium subscription. 

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Other Features

Many other things are thrown in when you sign up for a premium service. And Yahoo Finance Premium is no exception. You also get the following features included: 

  • Ad-less experience. It’s not ad-free but has fewer ads than the free site.
  • Live Chat customer support on the desktop. It’s a nice throw-in but not a game-changer, especially since it is not on the mobile platform.
  • Technical events chart.
  • Yahoo Finance Premium blog is a giant news feed with fewer ads.

Price is always dependent on the eye of the payer. If you don’t mind putting effort and work into your investing research, you probably have no problem finding all this for free. If you’re like many investors and don’t have the time to search for analyst reports or bring up technical charts, Yahoo Finance Premium may be well worth the monthly or annual charge. 

What Is Included?

Enhanced Charting for Technical and Event Analysis: Technical analysis can be an important part of stock and company research, giving you a picture of what the market tells us. While bullish vs bearish indicators shouldn’t be blindly followed when reading technical analysis, they provide an excellent historical foundation for a specific stock’s performance. 

Advanced Portfolio Analytics: You can plug the data of your real-life portfolio into Yahoo, and it’ll provide you with things like risk analysis and performance analysis and even give a quick snapshot of your portfolio fundamentals. This is fairly easy to accomplish by importing a CSV file directly into Yahoo’s interface. And you can even link your broker directly into the app. 

Fair Value Analysis for Stocks: Yahoo uses the Peter Lynch valuation of stocks, which is defined on the website as: 

The idea that a growing company’s fair price-earnings (PEvalue matches its growth rate results from combining the following three factors: The stock’s PEG ratio. The stock’s five-year EBITDA growth rate.

So when you have a watchlist, you get something like this associated with every stock you follow. 

Not to say that the Peter Lynch fair valuation should be followed exclusively, but it’s a nice touch for users who want to get a quick snapshot of the financial valuation of a specific company. 

Company Outlook: This is interesting as it gives you a sense of how the company is doing on a business level rather than as a stock. You get a nice-looking graphic that uses key indicators like dividends, innovation, hiring, earnings, sustainability, and insider sentiment.

Yahoo Premium Pricing Review

Any Yahoo Finance Premium membership comes with a free 14-day trial to see if it’s what you want. After that, the price comes to a monthly fee of $34.99. Or you can save a couple of months worth of payments and opt for the annual fee of $349.99. If you’re a student, Yahoo generally gives discounts at a reduced price of $24.99 monthly. You can keep up with any price changes in this Yahoo Finance Premium review here.


Most importantly, where can you use Yahoo Finance Premium? You log in to the Yahoo website on your computer, and your premium membership should already be activated. But many investors are trading or keeping up to date on stocks from their smartphones these days.

Therefore, knowing you can use your premium account through the mobile app is nice. Some features will not be as robust as on a computer. Hut for those on the go or not always at a computer is an adequate substitute. 

Yahoo Finance Competitors Review

There’s no shortage of sites that offer either free or premium financial information to investors. So don’t think that Yahoo Finance Premium is the be-all and end-all. Here’s a list of other sites that offer similar features to what Yahoo does:

Other ones are out there, but this gives you a broader spectrum of sites with different focuses. Google Finance and Morningstar may be the closest to Yahoo Finance on an informational level. wTradingView and TrendSpider offer more of a technical analysis point of view than normal financial data. The Motley Fool is a well-known investing site that offers premium stock-picking services and many articles and podcasts. They also have individual stock charts and data on their site.

Yahoo Finance News

Yahoo Finance News 3/24

Final Thoughts

Well, it depends on what type of investor or trader you are. If you’re a casual investor who checks the market once a day to see how your portfolio is doing, it’s probably not worth the price of admission. However, suppose you’re an advanced trader or investor and rely more on technical analysis and analyst reports. In that case, you may want to take a closer look at Yahoo Finance Premium.

Regarding how it compares to its competition, Yahoo Finance Premium’s audience is probably stuck somewhere between casual and serious investors. Many investors probably use the free Yahoo Finance site and mobile app daily without ever considering paying for the premium version.

On the other hand, hardcore traders probably want more of a technical perspective and would rely on something more robust like a TradingView or TrendSpider platform. So, in the end, Yahoo Finance Premium seems like a platform that’s still trying to find its core demographic in the investing world. That’s not to say that its features and user interface aren’t up to par; it’s just that most people still see Yahoo as a free site. That’s a difficult psychological hurdle to overcome for people to start paying for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of Yahoo Finance because the company is privately held.

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