Elon Musk Stocks to Buy

Elon Musk Stocks to Buy?

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Do you know what Elon Musk stock to buy? He’s seen as quite an enigmatic man and a successful businessman. So when he talks, people listen. He has strong opinions on companies. And he’s not afraid to share them. As a result, we’ve seen him move entire sectors like cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has gone on a roller coaster due to Musk’s tweets.

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Come on now, do I really need to explain who Elon Musk is? He is the founder and CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). He’s one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Elon is a social media hero and has a very loyal following wherever he goes.

Musk is also the founder of a few other companies including the Boring Company, Neuralink, and SpaceX. Perhaps Musk is best known for being a controversial and polarizing figure who is never shy to give his opinion on a matter. 

Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, but moved to the United States via Canada, in 1989. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 and dropped out of a Ph.D. program at Stanford to start an internet company.

Along with his brother Kimbal, Elon founded an internet company called Zip2. He then went on to found an online payment company called X.com. And eventually, created his most successful project: a little payment company called PayPal

Can I Buy Stock in Elon Musk’s Companies?

Just one, Tesla. It has been long rumored that Musk will eventually take Neuralink or SpaceX public, but he has never confirmed these rumors. It is believed that SpaceX alone would be valued at over $100 billion, and Neuralink could be in the same neighborhood.

If you think that Elon Musk’s companies would make for good investments, you are certainly not alone. But until Musk makes anything official, the only company of his that you can invest in is Tesla. How much do you want to bet Tesla is on his Elon Musk stocks to buy list.

Elon Musk Stocks to Buy

If you follow Elon on Twitter or listen to his interviews, it is quite obvious the things that Musk is fond of. He is constantly tweeting about things that he finds interesting and even interacts with other CEOs like Jack Dorsey from Square. While there isn’t an Elon Musk ETF, there are a few stocks that we think Musk would be interested in investing in himself. Of course, Musk is only invested in Tesla right now, where most of his wealth is concentrated. But hey, it’s always fun to speculate on things like an Elon Musk stocks to buy list!


The first stock in the Elon Musk stocks to buy list is Etsy. The stock has already jumped in the past when Musk tweeted about it, so let’s add Etsy to his official portfolio.

Musk has claimed he loves buying things from Etsy, which in the past, has included a wool Marvin the Martian helm for his pet dog. Nobody’s arguing with that! Etsy is a great platform that connects consumers to creators.

It is easy to use and provides unique items that you cannot find anywhere else. Now if only Etsy accepted this next investment that we think Elon would love….


Well, it is all cryptocurrencies, but Musk has famously been a long-time supporter of Doge. Hence why it made the Elon Musk stocks to buy list. The meme token actually started out as a joke, but quickly gained popularity amongst retail investors.

Part of the allure is the fact that DogeCoin does not take itself too seriously. Once Elon Musk joined the DogeCoin train, the price of the token skyrocketed to all-time highs. It has since been adopted as payment by online sites including AMC for movie tickets.

Musk even announced that Tesla would be accepting DogeCoin as payment for merchandise. His active pumping of cryptocurrencies like DogeCoin has been criticized in the past. But with no regulatory body, the crypto world is like the wild wild west. It also helps that Musk has a Shiba Inu dog named Floki, which has also been the basis for a number of meme tokens. 


Musk’s relationship with Bitcoin has been a strenuous one. At one point he was accepting Bitcoin as payment for Tesla’s but has halted that for the time being. Musk also announced that Tesla was holding Bitcoin on its balance sheet, a move he claimed he regretted shortly afterward.

He has also been at odds with Bitcoin mining as Musk claims that it is detrimental to the environment. Musk has openly asked social media users if there are ways to mine cryptocurrencies using renewable energy sources.

Still, Musk has been very active in discussing Bitcoin and is clearly a fan of cryptocurrencies in general. It has never been confirmed if Musk himself personally owns Bitcoin, but we suspect he has a few coins lying around somewhere! Which is why you see in on our list of Elon Musk stocks to buy.

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)

Musk’s favorite form of communication with the world, Twitter. Elon’s social media page is one of the most influential timelines in the world. He has been known to move stock and crypto prices with one tweet, or even by just changing his profile picture. Musk has over 68 million followers on Twitter and has tweeted more than 16,500 times.

Elon is also friends with Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter is one of the only ways that the world can communicate with Musk, and is a medium which he uses to provide updates on all of his companies. He even shares some pretty cute pictures of his dog Floki, and some funny memes as well! 


Perhaps this is one stock his friend Jack Dorsey wouldn’t appreciate. Dorsey is also the CEO of Block, formerly known as Square, which is seen as one of PayPal’s biggest rivals. Before there was Tesla before there was SpaceX, and before there was the Boring Company, there was PayPal. The fintech and payments company was where Musk started his fortune that has now made him the wealthiest man in the world. While Musk sold PayPal to EBay long ago, we suspect that the company still holds some sentimental value. In a real-life portfolio, would Musk choose PayPal? Or would he side with his friend Jack Dorsey’s company Block? We may never know!

Stocks Elon Musk Would Not Own

While it’s fun to think about which stocks or assets Musk would own in his own portfolio, we certainly know of a few he would not own. In essence, the opposite of Elon Mush stocks to buy. Let’s take a look at the small list of anti-Elon Musk stocks!

Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID)

You can probably insert any EV maker into this, but Lucid is the least likely stock for Musk to own. Not only is it one of Tesla’s largest competitors in the US, but it’s also run by former Tesla executive Peter Rawlinson. The two CEOs have traded jabs on social media this year, as Rawlinson has criticized Musk as a boss. Lucid certainly has some catching up to do if it intends to keep trash-talking Tesla. The newly public EV maker has only shipped about 500 vehicles in 2021, while Tesla will have shipped nearly 1 million in the calendar year. 

Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE: SPCE)

Virgin Galactic is a direct competitor to Musk’s SpaceX company, but this CEO relationship is a lot friendlier than the one with Rawlinson. British CEO Richard Branson and Musk are on friendly terms in real life.

In fact, Musk even traveled to wish Branson well as he blasted off into space earlier this year. While Branson flew into space for the first time, Virgin Galactic’s stock has been heading in the opposite direction.

The stock is now down 40% year to date and is trading right around its 52-week low price. Chances are Musk wouldn’t own this stock in his portfolio regardless of SpaceX’s competition. 

As a result, we did not put this on our Elon Musk stocks to buy list.


Again, insert any oil giant into this space. If there is one thing that Musk does not like, it is the reliance on fossil fuels and the continued pollution of our environment. Musk is a strong advocate for the global environment and even stepped down from former President Trump’s business advisory councils after the President withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement for the climate. So, British Petroleum is amongst one of the worst offenders for damaging the environment, and you can bet it is one of the last companies Musk would invest in. After all, for the CEO of the world’s largest EV company, it seems counterintuitive to invest in oil. 

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB)

Musk has made his opinions on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg fairly clear: the two are not friends. Elon has openly criticized Facebook and has publicly told people to delete their profiles. He and Zuckerberg also disagree on key concepts like artificial intelligence and how we should be using it in the future. The two billionaires are amongst the most influential CEOs in Silicon Valley, and it almost seems natural that Musk and Zuck are becoming bitter rivals. 


Elon Musk is probably among the most famous people in the world these days. In real life, he is only invested in Tesla, although it has been hinted that he does own some cryptos. Sometimes it is just fun to imagine what these billionaires would hold in their own portfolios. It might be even more fun to talk about the stocks he definitely would not hold though! Musk can move markets with one tweet, so it should come as no surprise that people are interested in investments that are related to Musk in any way.

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