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The Trade Ideas Scanner is our single most used stock tool, next to our stock charts. Trade Ideas will help you find exactly what you are looking for (stocks to trade). You can check out our Trade Ideas scanner before you buy it buy subscribing to our community here.

Also, we update this page daily for our followers with Trade Ideas Pre-Market movers (gap up and gap down stocks) so make sure to bookmark it. We update it each morning by 9:00 am. Sometimes earlier. If you view this page each morning, you’re going to see the morning gap up pattern stocks and morning gap down pattern stocks, as discovered by the Trade-Ideas scanner.






With the Trade Ideas Scanner, it’s all about working smart and efficient. As a trader I am already juggling different aspects of the profession. Watching my chat rooms, my charts, and listening to Benzinga’s live audio news, I need a scanner layout that is simple to navigate, easy to read, and has all the data I need in one place. I don’t want to be googling or analyzing additional aspects of the stock if it hits the scanner.

I want to glance, read, interpret, and trade. Trade Ideas certainly fits the bill.  For example, their high of day momentum scanner takes the guesswork out of finding trades with massive relative volume, high social media sentiment, hitting new highs of the day (intraday), traders like to look for stocks hitting new highs intra-day for “dip buys” or daily breakouts, or continuation patterns.

Knowing which stocks are running hot and fast, and when, is key to being a successful day trader! We want good price action, volatility, and volume. Trade Ideas finds them all. You’ll notice above the column “prints” this is key to see how many trades are made each day on the stock. Are there are lot individual daily transactions on the stock? If so, it could be more attractive to traders because there are more overall transactions that go along with all that daily volume. At a glance we can also see how far the current gap is above the daily trend (8 SMA and 20 SMA). This is important to see if its a bullish continuation, or possibly a reversal.

Check out the video below on how we use Trade Ideas for Day Trading in our community.


What is great about the Trade Ideas scanner is it has a lot of variety in regards to the different strategies and focus of the individual trader. The different settings you’ll find on the channel bar are:

  • HOLLY GRAIL – An AI focused trade bot. When the market closes, Holly will start analyzing the the stock market’s best setups. Holly splits the strategies up into at least 35 different concepts. Each one has a different purpose designed to help the AI beat the market, and thus, you beat the market. Only strategies with a 60% success rate, and a much needed 2:1 profit ratio are shared. Learn more about the HOLLY AI.
  • HOLLY 2.0 – This is similar to the original Holly, but the strategies have been tweaked to be more aggressive with regards to speculation. Holly 2.0 is designed to look for the strategies that the Original Holly may of overlooked.
  • HOLLY NEO – This is a more visual graphed version of Holly. Every trade will have a entry, stop, and profit charted out. What makes it great about all 3 of these Holly channels is they document every trade, and post it on the individual window of the channel. So you can see how well the different Holly’s are performing each day.
  • PREMARKET – This is the gap ups and downs that we covered mainly above, but we think that our customized version is better. You can get it from us if you purchase a yearly subscription to our trading community and send us an email.


  • REGIONAL BANKS – This scanner channel looks at the banking sector. With rising interest rates, and pundits calling for rates to be raised further, we should see the banking sector stocks to continue to rise. $XLF is the ETF associated with this sector.
  • ALPHA PREDATOR – This channel looks for stocks with volatility, and opportunity.
  • BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY – Like the name suggests, this channel focuses on stocks that are associated with these technologies. It is a growing sector as stocks such as $SQ and $NVDA have gotten into this world, the popularity of this channel should grow. Tip: Watch the price of Bitcoin to see if this sector moves along with it!
  • SHORT SQUEEZE – This is full of stocks with high short interest, that are also getting a pop in price, because shorts are covering. Learn about shorting here.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – This channel simply looks at the social sentiments of stocks. By analyzing message volume, and price action, the categories are broken down into bearish and bullish sentiments. Really cool channel!


  • SURGE – Surge looks at volume. Check this channel out to focus on stocks to swing and day trade with high relative volume. Great data on this channel as we know volume moves stocks!
  • SWING IDEAS – This scanner is for swing traders ONLY! Well, Day traders might like this too, because you can take advantage of the setup and sell before the end of the day. But these are stocks where “Dip Buys” or major resistance crosses are happening in real time.
  • SECTOR ETF’S – This channel looks specifically at the sectors, and the stocks that are popular within those sectors. Experienced investors and traders know about sector rotation and pay attention to what sectors are hot and not.
  • LOW FLOAT – These are the most volatile and lowest float stocks in the market. Trade these with caution and know when to take your profit/stop out because these will likely have a wide daily range if they are on this scanner! Windows in here are called “Low float stocks pulling back” and “Low float stocks making moves”.
  • TRADE THE GAP – This is a basic scanner that looks at the gap up and gap down patterns. Once again, we think that our customized gap scanner is better. You can get it from us if you purchase a yearly subscription to our trading community.


  • PRICE MOVEMENT DOWN – Like to short? Good! This is your home now. Short these stocks making moves to the downside. Like to trade reversals? GREAT! This is a great place to wait for a falling wedge breakout, or a double bottom. Get it!
  • EARNINGS – Like trading earnings reports? This is the scanner for you. Find all the movers from ER’s in the last few days, today, or coming up.
  • TRENDING NOW – Ever hear the trend is your friend? It’s true! Find stocks that are trending, look for a dip buy, and ride the trend (always have a plan!)
  • CHINA – Chinese and US Markets are very intertwined. Here are the companies with a strong relationship to the nation of CHINA!
  • PRICE MOVEMENT UP – Like to long stocks? These are stocks with bullish price action. Like shorting rising wedges when they break down? GREAT! Check the charts here and see if any are ready to break down offering a good short or put potential.
  • BIOTECHS – Some people exclusively like trading biotechs – they are extremely volatile, and speculative sometimes. But this offers great opportunity for the trader. Check out this channel if this is you.


  • 420 IN PLAY – These are often biotechs, but sometimes they are just pure cannabis companies specializing in the marijuana industry. These stocks are very temperamental to legislation in Canada and the US right now, and are often pump and dumps. But not always.  Trade the charts, not emotions!
  • FUNDAMENTALS – Stocks with high EPS, Highest Quarterly growth, and hidden high alpha gems can be found here. Good fundamentals often equal good charts, so use your charting skills paired with good fundamentals and you will have a winning combination!
  • PENNY MOVERS – These are stocks between .25 cents and 5 bucks. You’ll find the stocks in this category with the highest momentum. Great for the beginner trader trying to build a small account, or the experienced trader who likes the volatility of the smaller cap stocks. Here is how to get started in penny stocks.
  • TECH TITANS – These are all  the hottest and strongest stocks in tech. As you know, tech has moved the market in a major way the last few years. Companies like $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT


  • METALS – all focused on commodity driven stocks – Silver, Platinum, copper, gold! Get it here!
  • ENERGY – If energy stocks are on the move, check this scanner to find which ones are currently breaking out or setting up for a day trade or swing trade.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – This channel deals with stocks that support the construction industries. Basic Materials, machines, tools.
  • OPTIONS – If you are an options trader you are going to be looking at this channel to find unusual volume with calls and puts.
  • VOLUME – Here you will find the highest volume stocks of the day, both up and down. Windows here are named “volume thrust” “insane volume” and “moving up on volume”.


  • CHANNEL 4 – This channel is absolutely LOADED with windows! They launch small, but you can expand them. These are all windows that the “Pros” who use trade ideas have created and shared.
  • ETF FOCUSED – This is great for those who might be looking at re balancing their portfolios from time to time with the trending ETFs. If you want to learn about the major movements of ETFs this is where its at.
  • AFTER HOURS – Here we will see whats going down after the bell. Earnings reports, news after hours, whatever is causing stocks to move after 4pm, this is where you want to monitor it. Some traders will trade stocks after the bell to get a jump on the next days morning rush.


The bottom line, the trade ideas scanner is the number one tool that we and our community use on a daily basis. If you would like to view the tool in real time with us, before you buy your own, you can subscribe to our community below!

You’re going to quickly see that the Bullish Bears team isn’t about the money. We are about the people. We are about helping you. YOU are our passion!

Trade Ideas Scanner


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