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Trade Ideas Scanner
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Trade Ideas Scanner

Trade Ideas Scanner Results this Morning


The Trade Ideas Scanner is our single most used stock tool, next to our stock charts. Trade Ideas will help you find exactly what you are looking for (stocks to trade). You can check out our Trade Ideas scanner before you buy it by subscribing to our community. Save 15% off using promo code “BULLISHBEARS15” (all caps) at checkout.

Trade Ideas Scanner


We update this page daily for our followers with Trade Ideas Pre-Market movers (gap up and gap down stocks) so make sure to bookmark it. We update it each morning by 9:00 am. Sometimes earlier.

If you view this page each morning, you’re going to see the morning gappers, as discovered by the Trade Ideas scanner. With the Trade Ideas Scanner, it’s all about working smart and efficient. Read More

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  • SURGE – Surge looks at volume. Check this channel out to focus on stocks to swing and day trade with high relative volume. Great data on this channel as we know volume moves stocks!
  • SWING IDEAS – This Trade Ideas scanner is for swing traders ONLY! Well, Day traders might like this too, because you can take advantage of the setup and sell before the end of the day. But these are stocks where “Dip Buys” or major resistance crosses are happening in real time.
  • SECTOR ETF’S – This channel looks specifically at the sectors, and the stocks that are popular within those sectors. Experienced investors and traders know about sector rotation and pay attention to what sectors are hot and not.
  • LOW FLOAT – These are the most volatile and lowest float stocks in the market. Trade these with caution and know when to take your profit/stop out because these will likely have a wide daily range if they are on this scanner! Windows in here are called “Low float stocks pulling back” and “Low float stocks making moves”.
  • TRADE SCANNER & THE GAP – This is a basic scanner that looks at the gap up and gap down patterns.


Tim updates his longer term options picks every 1-2 weeks under our Next Level Training Library. This private playlist is exclusive to paid "Deluxe Yearly" members only under our "next level training" video library. These are Tim's hand picked long term swing trades (typically 1 to 6 months trades).

Tim also shows you the major trends of the indexes (SPY, DOW, GOLD). He shares his exact swing trades in a weekly video covering entries and profit target levels for the stock. Charts and updates are shared in the swing trade room and weekly check in's are posted. Watch these weekly videos to master the art of credit and debit spreads for long term swing trading. Read More

Trade Ideas Review


What is great about the Trade Ideas scanner is it has a lot of variety in regards to the different strategies and focus of the individual trader. The different settings you’ll find on the channel bar are: HOLLY GRAIL – An AI focused trade bot. When the market closes, Holly will start analyzing the the stock market’s best setups. Holly splits the strategies up into at least 35 different concepts. Each one has a different purpose designed to help the AI beat the market, and thus, you beat the market. Only strategies with a 60% success rate, and a much needed 2:1 profit ratio are shared. Learn more about the HOLLY AI. Read More

Trade Ideas

Save 15% off using promo code “BULLISHBEARS15” (all caps) at checkout. 


An incredible team of people with big hearts. Everything is easy with them. If you are serious and want to... read more

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Love what these guys do, they are true blue, no BS. They are all about educating people and being honest... read more

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Awesome group if there is more than 5 stars I would def give em that

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